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Hands like silk with thin fingers brushed down his cheeks and curled around the back of his head. Soft lips upon his the first real kiss he’d had in nearly a century, since Amia. “It’s a deal then.”

Mosur jolted in the bed waking abruptly and opening his eyes. He glanced around the dimly lit room and tried to relax and slow his breathing. He sat up but a small hand against his arm caused him to pause. Saaskhenka’s blind, unlit eyes stared up at him in the dark room, they danced back and forth reading his unrest.

"It’s okay Saaska," he spoke softly and placed his hand over hers a moment. The thoughts elicited by the dream continued to dance through his mind. "It’s okay, go back to bed," he prompted again and shifted his legs so he could stand, "I just…need to get a drink," he continued explaining further knowing that she wouldn’t let him go without explanation. Her hand slipped clear of his arm allowing him to get up. He knew she realized something was off but she was too kind to press him. He appreciated her allowance of his privacy.

Mosur stood and made his way to the kitchen not lying about his want for a glass of water. He wandered around the kitchen and entrance, his hooves clicking against the wood despite his attempt to walk softly about the house. Memories and regrets flooded him, maybe not everything that had happened he regretted, just the payment, just the kiss.

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