Name: Drex Corvos Moontear


Nicknames/Aliases: The Raven of Tattoine, The Crimson gunslinger, Captain (Possible Alias- Xin Geda)

Age: 38

Height: 6ft 2in

Weight: 165lbs

Hair:deep red Eyes:Yellow

Notable marks or scars: Numerous tattoos, an Imperial brand on his left hand, And a Cross shaped Scar over his right eye.

Jedi status: None

Alliance: Former Imperial Officer


Criminal record: Before his time in the imperial Military, Links to organized crime, a Skilled Slicer and mechanic, he assisted a crew of Mercenaries hired by one Naroga the Hutt. After a raid on the slave vessel, A price was placed on his head and imperial assassin Naddia Renning was dispatched with two goals, Kill or recruit.


Security risk:After an incident within the imperial military Drex was declared a traitor, and fled imperial space. Official Statements state he is dead, killed by Darth Korrinth some ten years ago, No body was ever found and suspicion of his being alive are still abound.  


 Drex was pro quickly promoted to Captain Second grade, on the fast track to a Major position, In charge of a Group of Blackops fighters known as Raven Battalion. Raven Battalion are best known for speedily wiping out Republic hold outs with ruthless efficiency, and making off with whatever equipment they were guarding. As such his knowledge of Heavy ordinance and Engineering grew immensely, which came in handy when his squad was sent to rogue starships, Imperial and Republic. Taking them down from the inside while the battalion cleaves paths through the ship, on one occasion the Captain and his crew, using the knowledge they had collected, crippled an Imperial Dreadnought using only the Captians personal start freighter, targeting the external weak points connecting the engines and turbo lasers. For this his career lead him to a command on Tattooine where he was tasked with investigating and wiping out a local Gang who had been suspected to have killed at least six Imperial Officers and their families, As well as a brutal slave operation, which mysteriously was dismantled and the slaves freed. 

All of this success and his habit of going around command to get the job done gained him the rumored Ire of Moff Darmus Rihken believing the young captain was only performing as well as he was by having inside information and sought to eventually replace the Moff. A plot was struck after the Moff Failed to Seduce Captian Moontear’s Wife, Previously mention Imperial Assassin Naddia Renning, now Moontear. The Moff sent the Raven Battalion on a suicide mission, From which only Drex and his brother the now sith lord, Calium Moontear, the two reported another Imperial squadron barring the Moff’s command markers attacked them. The Moff declared them liars and traitors, Claiming the brothers killed their own men to attempt to frame the Moff, despite a favorable jury verdict, the ruling was for both of them to be executed. The Captain and his brother did not feel like showing up for their sentencing, Drex’s wife having broken them out, and hidden away their nine year old child, Anya. Apon their escape Natasha stayed behind to buy them time being captured and tortured at length, the exact methods used are not recorded, but given the Moff tended to this personally it cant have been good. She was publicly humiliated and executed two days later, the Brothers and the young girl have not been seen since. 

Adendum- the young girl has resurfaced under the tutelage of sith, Darth Korrinth. Further investigation is prohibited by command.

Mother: Ruby Callaway, prostitute along the redlight sector, at least that is what most thought. Actual name is unknown but she is believed to be a deep cover agent for Imperial intelligence, working alongside her husband And the boy’s father , Darth Averous. She was tortured and killed by Averous’s Rivals, seeking his location, which has been unknown for many years.   


Father: Terion James Moontear, also know as Darth Averous, Was an influential Dark lord of the sith who had his fair share of the Criminal underworld, ties to several hutts, as well as ties to both SiS and Imperial intelligence, Enforcing the will of the Dark Council until he was usurped by his rival, Darth Nectus. Has been missing since the death of his Wife.



 Born on the City moon Narshadaa, along with a younger brother Callim, The two lived in the red-light sector, until the age of eight. Upon the day he wound turn Nine, Sith appeared at his home, tortured his mother, and killed her leaving her body for the local organ harvesters to collect. Upon investigation, the bodies of the harvesters were found, two shot in the torso several times, the other two stabbed repeatedly with their own vibroblades. Running theory is the two boys, having hid to avoid the sith, snapped into action upon the idea of their mother being violated further, the younger son coming into his Force sensitivity. After this incident the two boys disappear until eight years later traveling as raiders for the hutts. After the offer of a Career in the Imperial military was offered to Drex, A place at the Sith  Academy was offed to his brother, After a solemn goodbye the two young men are taken away to begin their new lives. 

Sociopolitical views: Throughout his life he has stood by a code of honor, a code he imposed on his men and his friends. His Policy for Slaves is legendary among them, he Frees any he could, sometimes even adding to his squad with trained up slaves, eager to take down the kind of scum who would seek to put them back in chains. Although no record of his opinions of Imperial policy has been recorded he did believe the underworld was necessary for the survival of both Factions, and kept a great number of contacts and friends on those circles.


BLUF: Since his supposed death, two men fitting the description of him and his brother have been sighted, while we cannot investigate every redheaded pilot or bald, one eyed swordsmen, We leave this investigation open.


Notable developments: Recent sightings of a male fitting his description coming back and forth from a luxury apartment in Correcant, will increase monitoring of local spaceports.

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