Name: Hammet John (Lockstar) Macinly


Nicknames/Aliases: Trapper, Doctor Feel Good, Lt. Hailmary

Age: 26

Height: 7ft 2in

Weight: 185lbs

Hair:Dark Brown

Eyes:Right-Prosthetic Left-White

Notable marks or scars: Sizeable Scar across face, Starting from right eyebrow to left side of chin, Several Tattoos referanceing Healing gods or medical symbols adorn his arms and legs.

Jedi status: Adpoted Son

Alliance: Former Republic Soldier-currently freelance

Criminal record: Earily in life a few scrapes with the law, it was not until he was inducted into the republic military that his exploits became more grant, Courtmartaled three times for Aiding wounded Imperial soldiers, Twice for Incibordination, And one for Treason near the end of the attacks from Zakul. Reportedly orderd to Pull back from the field hospital he was in charge of, and refused. Not ownly was he arrested, it is rumored the Paitectents went missing after his Arrest. He Recived an Honorable discharge due to the intervention of his Adpotive father, Jedi Master Graham Lockstar. Since his Discharge he has been arrested twice for disorderly conduct and sneaking into Military hospitals and treating prisoners.


Security risk: Known for going against command at any chance he could, Going above and beyond to smuggle supplies to Resistance groups, civillion camps, and orphanages. While these things are well intentioned, they were deemed worthy of mention here. While also a still licenced physiscian and surgeon, he is also trained in advanced combat, heavy artilery and seige assults, prefering a Blaster cannon to a standard Blaster rifle. Needless to say, when armed he is indeed dangerous, dispite his sarcastic and happy deminor, when he is in the heat of battle, there are rarely a more efficient walking destruction maker.

Mother: Mary Macinly, Explosives expert and native of Balmora, Died durring an assult by the empire apon thier first attempt to dominate the planet.


Father: Seamus John Macinly, Formerly powerful weapons manucactuaor on the planet Balmora, known for being an abrasive and ruthless man, this earned him the name ‘Steel-heart Macinly.


Born on the world Balmora, Hammet grew up knowing weaponry and tech at a young age, being more intereted in convercing with Medical droids than assebelming blasters, this earned the ire of his birth father, a well know Balmoren factory owner. His mother, having died when the boy was Ten, when the Empire first attempted to take control of Balmora. Reports state they found the boy huddled over his mothers Corpse trying to inject Kolto into her open wounds. It took two men to drag him from the body to safety, even as a child he was a handful. His father sent him off world to a collage, not knowing that his son had changed his own majors from Advanced Weapons, to one more suited for a Medical career, The young man graduated at the age of Sixteen from schooling, a protegie in his field. Dispite the praise his instructors deliverd his father reportedly disowned his son, stateing that his family had no place for weakness and kind hearts. The next two ears were spent useing what money his father had not retracted from his accounts to survive, ending up back on Balmora durirng the first year of Empirial control. Seeking out his father ended in disapointment as he refused to see him, dispite this he aided the reisistance as a doctor for some time, until the empire sent in a strike force to take the families weapons manufactring plant. A Jedi master was sent to thwart this assult, one Graham Lockstar, And although the jedi and the resistance were succcessful in defending the plant, Hammets father delcared them all weaklings, depending on a jedi for help. the jedi took the young Hammet with him when he left Balmora, Promising to help him get an even better Education, and to help him become the healer he wanted to be.

 Addendum- Recent holorecordings comfirm pysical abuse from both parents, starting as early as four years old. Details sealed under orders of General Rogann Nal.

 Background: Apon induction into the Republic military his training immidiatly caught the eye of Spec ops, showing great phyisical prowess and advanced inteligance, understanding the inner workings of both weaponry and medicine. He made Sergent in record time, being assigned to his own home world durring the most recent activity on the planet, offeirng mainly medical service in the most dangerous parts of the planet. After he was reassigned to the Spec ops platoon known as Grace Squad, he was sent all over the galaxy at vital points, Ore Matel, Corellia, Yavin 4, Tattooine, and finally Tython durring the Zakulian attacks. It was that last assignment that earned him the discharge, avoideing a trip to prison for his previous record of Honorable conduct, Minus a few entangleings with the fairer sex that got him a stack of repeimands for being “out of uniform”. Reportedly still in contact with his Adoptive father, who is reportedly on assignment in WildSpace, And currently reported to be visiting clinics across Narshadaa.


Sociopolitical views: Always known to point out the issues of the day, and having no paitence for politcal interfirance with his work. He has always stood by the policy that even his enimies desurve a chance at life if given, Has reportedly even patched up a chiss imperial agent who attempted to kill him. this policy has earned him ire within the military, but friends in odd places.


BLUF: Continue monitoring, if anyone would start trouble with Zakuul in the current climate, it would be him and those like him. A man both of Mercy, and an agent of debauchery and chaos.


Notable developments: Recently spotted spending a lot of time with a red haird individual, transporting medical equipment left over from defunct facilities, intent is unknown.

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