Name: Callum G. Moontear


Nicknames/Aliases: Lord Severance, the Walking Carnage, Iron Eye.

Age: 36

Height: 6ft 4in

Weight: 155lbs

Hair:(formerly) Red, post induction to Academy- Bald


Notable marks or scars: Beast claw mark down his right eye, Cyborg implant in right socket.

Jedi status:Former Sith lord

Alliance: None


Criminal record: Former Pirate raider Working alongside older brother Drex, Both working for Gredaga the Hutt. Activities included petty theft, hijacking private star ships, leading assults in disabling ships and the slaughter of military crews. Criminal history after induction into the Sith Academy has been Sealed.


Security risk: In his days as a Sith, He was sent to wipe out dissidents, rebels, republic troops and anyone else his masters required. His exceptional skill with his weapons, ranging from Vibroknives, to blades to his special made Lightsabers, made him a walking slaughterhouse. Casualty rates normally 100%, Asside from targets housing Slaves, Particularly Sex Slaves. We captured one of these slaves, her testimony describes his deminor even covered in blood, as kind… The idea of a Monster like this having a soft spot for Men and women forced into such a life likely stems from his childhood in the Relight Sector of Narshadaa.

Background: After arriving on Korriban, his life became oddly easier, his life had but one meaning..kill. His skill with almost any weapon given to him made him a formidable killing machine, even showing talent in the force as he did, his fathers legacy followed him. It was reportedly documented that he would never rise above a lord, no matter how powerful he became, giving him the same level of power as his Father would have been too dangerous. Dispite this concept of holding him back as nothing more than a frontline soldier they expected to die after taking out a sizable chunk of their foes, He survied each and every battle. not always in one piece, during one occasion he ran into a team of jedi, one of them removing his eye duringthe fight. Of the many scars on his body, medical reports state he had no stab wounds on his back, perhaps  meaning he never was one to let his guard down enough for an assassin to make their move properly. After each of his three masters failed to kill him, he was placed under the command of one Darth Korrinth. This Dark lord of the sith was known for having a similar past to Callim, and under his gaze the boy quickly found himself leading his own group of sith. Eventually the group of sith mixed in with his Older brothers Platoon, earning them the name Raven Battalion, An expert group of sith and former criminals specializing in wiping out holdings, ships, forts, whatever they were pointed at. By the time the Battalion had left, there was nothing remaining, no bodies, no tech or weapons, and no evidence.

After the incident in which the Battalion was almost completely destroyed, the brothers were suposedly framed for this, and sentanced to death, they evaded capture only to be tracked down and killed by none other than Darth Korrinth, Who took credit for the kill, stateing the brothers were his burdon to bare, and that justice for the Battalion had been delt.

Addendum- It has recently come to light, that the twin investigators Nila(SiS) and Rala(Imp intel) Djorn, Grew obsessed over the brothers, seeking them for carnal reasons, and they arent the first. Their recent request to exume the bodies of the men housed on Correlia, homeworld of their Mother, has been denied due to the Civil unrest and lack of evidence. The two recently claimed they caught up with Callim, and seduced him, apon uttering this they were swiftly taken to a medical facility and examined for mental illness. In this Agents personal opinion The two are indeed mentally unstable, but they were also rescued slaves saved by the man, so their obsession is understood, they have been formally terminated by both respective services and are being treated safely.

Mother: Ruby Callaway, prostitute along the red-light sector, at least that is what most thought. Actual name is unknown but she is believed to be a deep cover agent for Imperial intelligence, working alongside her husband And the boy’s father , Darth Averous. She was tortured and killed by Averous’s Rivals, seeking his location, which has been unknown for many years.   


Father: Terion James Moontear, also know as Darth Averous, Was an influential Dark lord of the sith who had his fair share of the Criminal underworld, ties to several hutts, as well as ties to both SiS and Imperial intelligence, Enforcing the will of the Dark Council until he was usurped by his rival, Darth Nectus. Has been missing since the death of his Wife.



 Born on the City moon Narshadaa, along with a younger brother Drex, The two lived in the red-light sector, until the age of eight. Upon the day he wound turn Nine, Sith appeared at his home, tortured his mother, and killed her leaving her body for the local organ harvesters to collect. Upon investigation, the bodies of the harvesters were found, two shot in the torso several times, the other two stabbed repeatedly with their own vibroblades. Running theory is the two boys, having hid to avoid the sith, snapped into action upon the idea of their mother being violated further, the younger son coming into his Force sensitivity. After this incident the two boys disappear until eight years later traveling as raiders for the hutts. 

Sociopolitical views:Like his brother, Callim has always had a warped sence of honor, no point in killing civilians unless they put themselves before his path of death, while earlier in his career he killed indiscriminately, the accidental death of a Family that had taken him in after a battle, were the republic was forced to declare martial law. The family was gunned down as they help him escape, reports claim he carried the body of the nine year old daughter of the family ten miles before he collapsed, and was found a day later, beside the grave he had dug with is bare hands. This changed his policy about killing, deciding that only those who sought to kill him, or would potentially kill him, namely his targets while with the squad, were worthy of his blade, seeing fit to free slaves, even at the cost of imperial credits.


BLUF: His apparent death at the hands of his former master have raised questions, while no bodies were ever recovered his Lightsabers were buried in his place. While we cannot investigate every sword wielding bald man with one eye in the galaxy, eyes are still open for this dangerous individual.


Notable developments: Recent reports from small slave camps report a man wielding two vibroswords and using the force, dispatching the slavers and setting them free, even leaving them the weapons of their captors and the credits they accumulated. Without a word this man leaves, they suggest it is an undercover Jedi, reports do not contradict this, however further investigation is needed.

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