The worn warship, refitted with spare parts, Gang paints and stolen turbo-lasers, drifts into the outer rim. The Vandal was once a prideful ship of the Empire, known as the Creed, lost in the battles with zakul but given new life by the Pirates of the Red Star. A large and in charge looking Zabrak makes his way through the ship, spice heads, slicers mass murderers and rapists litter his crew, a recent attack on a Colony brought each type of scumbag something to play with, their leader more concerned about what was at the end of the hall.

Two slobbering Gamorrans take turns punching a man in a dark room, a bag covering his head, the sound of another rib snapping makes the entrance of the leader all the sweeter for him. He stands and waits until another crack across the mans jaw leads to a fit of coughing, and then…laughter. the Gamoreans continue beating the man senseless before being called off, the bag headed man still letting out a chuck, between coughs, the leader moves in closer, pulling off the bag revealing the blood red hair of the Captain.

The Leader spits to the side, lifting the Captains head.” are tha guy who’s been knockin off my freighters…” He gives the Captain a good right hook across the face before gripping his hair again”Little shit, i outta cut your fuckin head off!” 

Xin spits out a wad of blood, turning his head up at the zabrak, his grin never leaving “Lovely crew you ave, charming lads the lot of them..”

Another crack across his face leaves a deep gash across his cheek, the Zabrak was not in the mood for the games at hand. “Where is my stuff, ive got very important people who need their spice and slaves..”

Xin keeps his grin going, his bright yellow eyes not showing an ounce of fear, which only pissed them off more “Oh..home id imagine, ya see people dont like being slaves, and spice is much better off in the hands of Doctors..”

A rage filled fist lands in the captains chest, a hard crack of a few bones is heard almost outside the room, a hard cough of blood is spat on the shoes of the Pirate.”You little fuck, you think im fuckin around?!” He turns to the dark corner, A Tweilek woman steps from the shadows, dressed to kill and red as the blood on the floor. “Make him talk…i want my shipments back..” He turns and leaves her to her work.

Xin looks up as the tray of scalpels is rolled beside him, sighing lightly “Well beautiful, alone at last, Just don’t cut my face too bad, i need that for later..” he grins, unphased by the clearly bad situation.

The Woman giggles almost like a child, picking up a scalpel and slowly cutting open his shirt, pulling off his favorite jacket and tossing it across the room, he soft hands caress his skin, feeling his muscles and scars, purring like a cat in heat as she feels along his arms, she finds a small area without scarring, taking out a very small, very thing blade, looking him in the eye as she thrusts the blade into his abs, moving the blade ever so slowly up his chest, his grunts and growls were music to her ears.

“Mmm…such a strong one, most men are screaming by this point, you will be fun to break…now then..where are all of the slaves, have you kept them for yourself?” she murrs, before pulling the blade sharply upward, drawing a bloody line across his chest, blood slowly trickling down his body, his breathing heavy and hoarse.

“Nah..i don’t have any use for slaves, i prefer to make them partners, such a waste of talent…and i never waste good talent..” He pants, straining his bindings behind his back, working a single finger against his nail. 

She giggles again, taking a stun baton and begins to circle him, letting the loud sound of the electricity buzz and spark  around him, before thrusting it into his bruised side, sending shocks through is body. He roars in pain as she shocks him, panting as the power is cut and she makes another circle around him. “You have a pretty high tolerance darling, its a shame i have to kill sure you could show me a good time…”

He growls and spits to the side, his bloody mouth still leaking red drops “Its a shame, you are a massive cunt, because im sure i could make you whimper in much nicer ways than you are failing to with me..” he grins wide his finer, slowly bleeds onto the floor.

Her deminor changes as he stabs the baton into his open wound, sending a shock to his nerves and pain center with a furious scream “Toys shouldn’t swear at their mistress! I might just kill you anyway, we will just take the whole colony!” she breaths hard, stepping back eyes lit with fire before she takes out her larger knife, grinning wide as she lunges at him!

He looks up, his body language changing to one of a calculating killer as he clicks the lock-pick impeded into his finger, the shackles click and fall to the floor, his hand running over the tray, grabbing a scalpel before lowering his head and lunging to meet her, knocking her hand away before plunging the small blade into her neck, a precise strike to her artery. The mist of blue blood sprays out onto him, she spasms on the floor clutching in vain as she bleeds out, eyes filled with terror as she watches him pick up her vibroknife, looking it over and knocking on the door.

It slides open the Gammorean finds said blade in his chest the other receiving a projectile scalpel to its brain, as he pushes them aside, making his way calmly down the hall, jogging a bit lighter than he would like as his chest was still bleeding. He slides into an empty room, igniting his Blade, running the burning energy over his wound, cauterizing it with a grizzly hiss, he roars out in agony as he  leans against the wall, panting hard. “Fuck…i prefer being shot…”

After a moment to recover he sees a spiced up junkie playing with two familiar pistols, he moves slowly behind him and taps his shoulder, the spice head turning around with a grim look on his face, his pants growing wet as he sees the blood covered man.”Mind if i ave those back mate?”

The spice head smiles nervously and hands the blaster over carefully”And your jacket…” The jacket is immediately tossed to him, covering the bloody man mostly, who nods and begins to move away, the Junkie shakes and twitches, pulling out a blade of his own turning around to attack the man, being met with a blaster to his forehead. He opens his mouth to speak, but only the soft gurgles of death escape as a hole is made through his skull. Xin makes his way down the hall to the main hanger, the pirates gathered around the Devil’s Gamble, trying to disable the shields and failing miserably.

They turn at once to the bloody man, looking confused and taken aback, raising their blasters slowly, Xin sighs and cracks his neck “Boss is gunna kill me… ah well…better her than you arsehats..” The first shots ring out, xin tumbles behind a crate of Weapons, leaning over the side to take a few shots off the side, three shots, three dead pirates, his eyes track their movement and patterns, unlike many gunslingers he met, blasting randomly was not his style. He rolls over the top of the crate, snagging a grenade from the box and tossing it mid roll, they scramble and run as it explodes, sending a few of them sprawling to the floor. Xin takes two more shots, one to the head of a nearby pirate, the other to the fuel tank beside the group in cover, sending them flailing into the air ablaze. He calls out in huttese so thick you could slice a hutt, the shield lower and he sprints to the lowering  ramp, taking a few well placed shots to the pirates.

As he reaches the ramp controls the leader of the pirates stops him in his tracks, with a shout, Xin turns to see a small child with a scatter gun to her head, He growls, his blaster up to meet the pirates. “You know how this works punk, you put down your weapons and surrender yourself to us, and we let the little girl grow up to make mistakes.”

 Xin looks down at them coldly, before removing his hand from the triggers, letting them dangle on his fingers as he slowly goes to lower them. Suddenly a massive Explosion sounds off through the ship, the leader is knocked off balance by the blast and the little girl sprints to Xin, his arms open, and blasters pointed past her, firing a volley of bolts at the gathered scum. The ramp closes as he sets her in a chair, strapping her in tight. “Hold on dove, this is gunna be rough.” He scrambles to the pilot’s chair, clicking on the engines and punching the engines, the Phantom jerks forward the landing gear nearly missing being taken off as they blast through the dock, explosions reaching the docking by just as they slip through! He continues to speed off until they were a fair distance away, turning the ship lightly he watches the once great dreadnought, explode in a massive show of light, before being snuffed by the cold of space. 

Xin sits back in his chair, hid hand coming to rest on his side, a deep gash reaching around his side, one of the pirates must have clipped him with a blade during the fire fight, he opens the com channel “Jackie…ey, Reese..make room on the pad…and get two beds prepped i got… a passen..-” the com line remains open, but no further words can be heard, only the soft whimpering sobs of the child, free at last.

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