Emi carefully scanned the area, making sure that no one she didn’t know (and trust) was within any distance to be able to see her. Finding she was (relatively) alone, a smile creased her pale skin – skin that was quickly covered with fine, snow-white fur. The smile, now sufficiently more fanged, grew as she moved about, setting her tools in place.

The forge’s heat alone was bad, but, added to the natural heat of the desert, created a rather … uncomfortable environment, particularly for one as furry as herself. Pushing her discomfort away, she worked diligently (while panting heavily) on the present for her first new friend she made since her arrival in the area.

Ice-blue eyes critically examined the silver device in front of her. She frowned, ears pinning back slightly. It was … fine but … so … plain. Her new friend deserved something better. Something … prettier. The frown disappeared replaced by another fanged huge smile. She wasn’t an artisan when it came to decorations, but this was a project she could put her heart and her limited artistic skills into.

Holding up her work, Emi smiled anew as the setting sun threw enough light across the etched silver to cause it to sparkle and shine. Her barking, happy laugh echoed across the sand, accompanied by the tinkling silver of her charms as she danced towards the bunks with the present for her friend.

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  • Ari
    February 4, 2018 at 5:04 pm
    Interesting. Is she hiding her true form? What kind of world does she live in that requires her to be this way?
  • Ari
    February 4, 2018 at 5:04 pm
    Oh, also! This journal is marked "World of Warcraft," you can update the category, though. ;)

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