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Mosur wandered the broken jade columns of the forest. Somewhere out here the mage Eibon had buried or sealed away a tome of Light. At least that's what the journal he fingered in his pocket said. He’d forced himself to search no longer than an hour and perhaps some change a day, though Saashenka mentioned she could see the pent up energy in him each time he returned empty handed.

He had narrowed it down his search to this area, if this tome existed it was around here. He pulled the journal out of his pocket and read over the section again, he already knew it by memory he'd read it so many times, but he never failed to double check. "…stone circle…pendant of jade carved in the image of the dragon…moss covered…" It was around here somewhere. He started kicking the cut of his hoof into the ground as he walked searching the area.

As unlikely as it seemed even to him his search bore fruit as his hoof clinked against what he assumed would be another root. He bent down once more and flipped away a chunk of the moss disturbed by his hoof. A worn grey stone  surface was beneath the creeping moss.

His time out far exceeded the hour he normally fave himself as he uncovered a latent stone circle. It was shattered broken in many places just as the journal described. But this here this was the spot. Mosur pulled the journal free once more and flipped it open to re-read the wizards incantation. He didn't know what would have to be done but a shin ran through him as he only hope for something as simple as an opposite incantation to work.

'What is born of the light of knowledge I now seal by the light of knowledge.' Repeated three times.

"What is born of the light of knowledge I release by the light of knowledge." Once. "What is born of the light of knowledge I release by the light of knowledge." Twice. "What is born of the light of knowledge I release by the light of knowledge." Three times. Nothing happened.

He signed and stood taking up the journal, he would have to do more of course. The journal read that the mage had poured magic energy into the circular stone for three days and had used a pendant in the likeness of the jade dragon as a focus. He would have to recreate this more than likely.

He stood and dusted himself off a few streaks of dirt soiled his robe at the knees, but it was worth it in the end he thought. He was so very close to his goal. He turned to head home he’d have to prepare.

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