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The following story is noncanon and takes liberties with the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor and may therefor contain minor spoilers


Mosur knelt by the bed leaning until his crest rested against the sheets. He was so tired, and yet again it looked to him like his happiness was about to be stolen.

They had come through the Dark portal, with its mists stained a crimson red, into the past, back to Draenor before any of his nightmares were a reality. Karabor, his home, still stood uncorrupted and Amia.. his love living and breathing.

He had been consumed by it, the sheer experience of it all. When he saw Draenor as it once was and learned that it was true the ones he loved, his family, his friends were still alive and well, he cried. He forgot about his past obligations to Templars and friends, solely consumed here with his past life.

Sure enough he'd found her, his dove, his Amia, his love. It never crossed his mind to look for his former self, but he was a selfish thoughtless man, so it wasn't out of character for that to be the case. His past self was nowhere to be found, had he taken his place? These were not things the shaman wondered.

Now she was ill though, sick and fatigued for no reason it seemed. The illness had come upon her almost a week after he'd arrived. Even in the great Temple Karabor none could figure out what ailed her and so he stayed by her side. He talked about everything and nothing so she had something to listen to, he told her about Azeroth, told her about all the happy things he could think of, the people he had met, how they had helped him, how he'd grown his hair out. He left out of course his failures, if he needed to tell her, it would not be now, while she was sick.


The voice came from his effects laid on the table by the bedside. He looked up and heard Amia stir as well.

"Who is it my love?" she spoke softly hardly above a whisper.

"It's Saashenka," he responded in kind and walked on his knees the distance between where he knelt and the bedside table. The white stone inlaid with the gold cross of the Templars. The voice on the other end right now was the only reason he still had this, and even that was complicated right now…he had almost forgotten, he'd just been so swept up. He looked at Amia and answered.


"Mosur!" The voice was excited but at the same time he could hear a labor in it that was not normally there.

"Mosur, are you there?" It was another voice, Koryander's, Emberstone as he'd begun calling her now.

"I am, what is it?" He asked now feeling slightly annoyed that he had been bothered if it was for Templars duties or beckoning.

Amia rolled onto her side in the bed and looked at him gently placing a hand on his upper arm as he spoke.

"Mosur, Saashenka is really sick.. I just wanted you to know, she wanted to see you, she's been asking about you."

His eyes closed and his teeth grit together, could anything else go wrong? The muscles in his arm tightened but he didn't respond. He didn't want to leave Amia he'd only just found her again after so long, no he hadn't found her she'd always been here.

"Mosur, are you there?" Emberstone's voice came over the stone again.

He didn't want to answer and gently shook his head not speaking.

"Rook," the soft voice of his dove came to his ears and took his full attention all at once, "don't be so selfish. Go see the girl. I'll wait for you right here." Her smile was beautiful and she was everything he could never be, selfless and loving.


"No buts. Go see the child, bring her back to Karabor, she means a lot to you, they can help her here."

He started to argue but another calling from Emberstone interrupted any argument that could have began.

"Where are you Emberstone?" he asked over the guild stone.

She told him where they were and with a promise to return swiftly he left. They were at an outpost in Talador and it only took minor convincing for him to get permission to take her to Karabor.

Mosur frown as he carried her on the back of his mount. She seemed to be exhibiting the same symptoms as Amia and the hope he'd shown that she could be cured waned as he left the camp the Templars were calling home for now.

He didn't take her to the healers first for fear that they might think this mysterious illness contagious as they had the disease of the Broken. Instead he took her to his room carrying her in his arms like a child. He pushed the door open with his shoulder and walked in carrying the small priestess to the bed.

“My dove, this is Saaska…Saaska, this is my Amia,” Mosur commented and lowered her onto the bed next to Amia. It was a large bed, Amia had always had fine things and a large bed to sprawl in was one of them.

“Hello Saashenka, Mosur has told me so much about you.”

Saashenka blushed furiously and at the same time her heart began to ache. She knew who this was and what the woman meant to Mosur, how could she ever hope to compare. “It’s nice to meet you as well. I’ve also heard a lot about you.”

“Oh really?” Amia questioned and turned her head to glance at the worrying male. “What has he said?” Her voice was soft from fatigue but it held a kindness that one might not expect as sick as she was.

The two women bantered and this some how set Mosur’s heart at ease as they spoke with one another, their voices filling his ears, not too unalike from one another. At some point their soft voices lulled him off to sleep, he’d been awake so long trying to attend to Amia every waking moment.


He stirred as he felt something on his shoulders. He reached to touch it opening his eyes. His knees ached against the hard floor and his hand grasped a soft blanket. He sat up and glanced in surprised to see Amia up and walking around. “Amia!” he said shocked and stood quickly, “Are you well? You should be in bed!” His ears were met with laughter from in front of and behind him. He turned to see Saaska standing there too smiling at him sheepishly.

“See what did I tell you?” Amia asked and laughed again smiling kindly at them both. Saaska nodded at her question.

“What is going on here?” Mosur was both concerned and relieved that they were up and about.

“We’re both feeling fine now my Rook, you fell asleep there.”


Do you believe in soulmates? They say when a person dies there are many things that can happen. One of those things, if you were truly happy and had no regrets is said to be reincarnation. The spirit cannot inhabit two bodies at once and if that same soul is shared with another on the same plane of existence the halves grow weak apart.

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