The house is quieter, more still.

The warmth is gone here. The noise of papers flying, stories of science and magic and fighting, the voices…Gone. She was there, her things were there, but everything else, anyone else-


Gal stands in the doorway and looks over everything, letting the thumb run over the scar once more. It’s become such a tick now, but also something helps let her mind wander
She’s by herself again. Things fell apart again. Again, again, again. It’s about all that runs through her mind the longer she stands there, the longer the lip gets worked, and the longer she allows the dark and silence wrap around her, let her remind her the position she’s put herself in.

It really was a pit here.

Obon finally chirps at her from the stable, pawing at the earth while he shifts about the saddle on his back.
Gal’s head pops up and she looks back to him, sighing long and loud before she drops her hand and starts to his stable. The arm comes up and she wraps it around his neck just enough to bring the head down and pull herself in so the face can bury into the feathers and fur.

“I’m sorry. I kinda got lost for a second there my boy.”

There are no tears, no wavering of the voice. She was just there, tired.

She was so tired.

She pulls back, rubbing his neck until she starts to scratch behind his ear, chuckling finally as Obon begins to purr and knead the earth with joy. She has to stop though when his wings go for a flap, almost hitting her head, but he’s happy enough.

“Alright, let’s get you ready for sleep,” the guardian mutters as she grabs the saddle and begins to get him settled in.

She’ll stay with him for the night after his nest is remade and he’s given a once over. He’ll curl up and make a ball almost, making room for Gal to lay back against his belly and rest into the fur, watching the night sky that moves over the District. 

She’s back to square one in this world.
Maybe it’s for the best

Maybe now she’ll give those books better attention.

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