“When I said take care of the animals or something, I didn’t mean literally.”

Gal chuckled as she sat across from Adilia with her tea, stirring softly. “Yeah, well it’s about the only thing I’m good at right now….’less someone has a workshop I can take to, maybe read up.”

“Didn’t you steal some books from the Priory in hopes of doing such a thing.”

A loud sip. She will not admit nor deny she totally stashed at least four books about certain mechanisms. Not enough to know better, but she could at least know how a damn engine works in a tank. And figure out how mechanical joints work.

Adilia just stares over her own cup of tea, taking that silence as what it is.

“Do you even know how to care for a creature like a skyscale?”

“Partially, but-” Gal sighs before restarting her speech, more calmly this time.

“Sestra is getting out of hand, I need to deal with her. If that means I stay in the hall and train her and just… If that means I get use to her, learn from her, the fine. If it takes months, then so be it. I know it’s not the answer to all the things happening, but it’s the small things that could just start…something.”

“ She’s not small.”

“And my arm is not her chew toy, but here we are having to deal with it.”

More drinking from Adilia, then she pulls her feet up into the large chair even more. She’s pondering, trying to figure out what to exactly tell this woman about her plans.
“Then I suggest you meet with someone who can help you. You may have raised Obon well enough, but he’s also like a pup and you had less on your mind.”

“Sure we have someone, if not then…”

“If not, there is a Norn I know.”

Gal raises an eyebrow and chuckles one last time, shaking her head. “Right…Well, I will ask in time.”

“You know you would make an excellent Norn if you weren’t so dramatic.”

“You’d be a great Charr if you weren’t so short.”

“Finish your tea, I beg of you.” 

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