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The sun rose spilling its warmth across the desert sands. Papa still sat with the Sandfury speaking idly and thanking them for their great hospitality. He looked up as one that had been sent to fetch his belongings returned returned bearing his effects and a thick cloth and rope.

“Ya right mon, ah can see why ya say dat now,” the leader spoke to him once more, “her do have an exotic body ta watch even if it just be dat ah a zombie.”

Papa chuckled and nodded his head walking toward the altar with the Sandfury following. They stretched out the cloth on the sand as Papa retrieved the body. He noticed immediately the change in the curse markings denoting that the Death loa had truely made her his own a smirk crossed his lips. He lifted her body rather unceremoniously and brought her down the stairs. Laying her on the edge of the cloth he quickly rolled her twice to begin wrapping her.

“Her been dead fa far too long now ta return ta her body wid out dah help ah dah Ghede as it be, so ah t’ink it safe ta say him liked deh gift. Continue ta bring ah offerin’ each night fah t’ree more nights and expect good fortune on yeh tribe.” he told them as they finished wrapping and tying the body up for travel.

Papa thanked them once more performing a few small things for them before he left a charm here or there to repay their kindness and secure his safe exit. A larger troll put her body over the saddle of the raptor and secured the wrap to keep the dead body from falling. Papa mounted his raptor and took the reins of the other in hand turning to leave the city of Zul’Farrak.

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