A holocom transmission is left for the Wildcat and her staff:

 The figure in the holo is a well-dressed, cybernetically enhanced human female with a notable imperial accent.  Commcodes indicate that the transmission is local to the planet, however, and from somewhere upcity, where the rents are high and, as the ads say, life is worth living.


"Greetings, honored hunter – it is both the hope of myself and my employer that this finds you both well and whole.  Your time in receiving and viewing this missive is appreciated, and you honor us by doing so.

"It has come to my employer's attention that a dangerous criminal, wanted in both Republic and Imperial space, may be present on Nar Shadda.  While, of course, legal entanglements have little bearing on residents of the Smuggler's Moon, we believe we can broker a substantial reward if this criminal were to be apprehended – a reward we are certain will appeal to both your credit balance and your honor.

"The criminal in question is a murderer, a former assassin working with the Imperial Council, and now a traitor to that august group.  She is extremely dangerous and, I daresay, worthy prey, if time has not dulled her edge. Surveilance imagery taken from Cartel systems is not conclusive, but does indicate at least one potential match to her physical profile to a reasonable certainty.  You should know that my employer considers her both extremely rutheless and very dangerous – even to a skilled hunter as yourself.

"You should know that you are not the only hunter being contacted for this contract, but, in an effort to keep potential competition in check, all offers will be made discretely, and details will be closely held and limited to those few who accept the contract.

"If I intrigue you, great Wildcat, I hope you will be willing to take a meeting with me or my representatives.  I would prefer to bring the details of this target to you personally.   This is intended to be a live capture and return, with an initial reward of seventy thousand credits for live delivery, and an additional expected payout of two hundred and fifty thousand credits after bidding from interested parties is complete."

"If I intrigue you, please reach me at the supplied codes to arrange a meeting at a location of your choosing.  For the purposes of this engagement, you may call me Terrin.

"Luck be with your hunt, and may your aim never falter."



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