The rumors began soon after the Sith acolytes who had attacked Fealladh disappeared. No one could find a clue as to their whereabouts – one night they were in their cots, the next morning they were gone, their beds neatly made, looking as if no one had ever slept in them. And the Twi’lek they had tormented had turned as red as a Sith herself.

The most popular theory was that she had bathed in the blood of her enemies, a common colloquialism turned horrifyingly literal. The theory seemed confirmed after a human boy decided to prove it was coincidence and called Fealladh “Slave Girl” in front of the entire class. Observers claimed she did not acknowledge him, but his body was likewise gone the next morning, and people swore she had grown another shade redder (which was, in a sense, true – she had accidentally ingested a particularly spicy pepper during breakfast). As is the way with such things, the blood bath rumor festered into fact and was the accepted canon of Fealladh’s peers.

Soon, every death, no matter how small and no matter how obvious the cause, was being attributed to her master assassination skills, even though nearly every one of them would have required her to be in at least two places at the same time. This began to erode the effectiveness of the training, as many of the students spent all of their time trying to curry her favor instead of doing the tasks assigned to them.

So when a committee voted to approve a dubious but potentially profitable experimental training method, Fealladh found herself, along with two other students (not a single one of them pure Sith or human, they noted right away, and all of them female, perhaps a little more coincidentally), separated from the class and whisked away under the care of a trusted Overseer. The other students were among the most promising of the current class (for non Sith/non human, anyway), but Fealladh was chosen mostly to get her the hell out of everyone’s hair.

The experiment was soon stretched out of its intended borders when various Lords and Darths started dumping their other high potential/high risk problem cases on the poor overworked Overseer, who is tasked with making them into something worthwhile.

So far, the betting line is 321-1 against success.

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  • Zenru45
    February 8, 2018 at 2:55 pm
    ((I'm voting for 'Prep-school Sith girls' :) I love this idea!))
  • Ari
    February 20, 2018 at 11:05 pm
    Her mere reputation got her through Korriban. It's a good way to remain unharmed, but hopefully no one will challenge her directly and ask to see her skills firsthand! ;)

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