She took a deep breath and tried to focus. *Again*. 

Bedisa gave a sigh of frustration and stared, for a moment, moodily out the window over the bustling cityscape. She hadn’t returned to Halonan’s apartment, preferring now the quiet coziness of her own modest flat. Small, yes, but as a knight now she had enough of a stipend that her new home was more space then any she had been used to previously. It was…safe, and muffled the sounds of the city outside quite well. 

She appreciated the peace the walls gave her. That strange man, she thought, and worried. The Sith had her thoughts in turmoil, a rare occurence. A Sith! In Coruscant! She wasn’t well read on current events but she was fairly sure they were still enemies and not welcome here. Should she warn her superiors? She wasn’t sure… oh, the darkness had swirled around him, obvious as his skills were, but there had been a peculiar sort of feeling to his presence. Strength, power, and buried beneath it just a hint of the Light still. Honest, for the most part, she thought, and frowned. Honest, yes, at least in the moment, but there were hints of deception as well. That he was hiding something was clear, and you could never really trust a Sith to begin with. Bedisa thought herself fair enough, she hadn’t immediately called the authorities on him, but there was enough of a lie in what she saw that she was wary still.

She rubbed her temples. Leave it to a Sith to advance such questions to her. She’d had her doubts about the Code, of course, she always had, and after their meeting those doubts and those almost heretical thoughts were stirred. Half forgotten theories rose again, and she thought, looking out over the city again, that here on Coruscant, with the freedom that brought, maybe she could investigate them further…

Bedisa shuddered. She would leave that man behind. There were resources still to discover within the ruins of the Jedi Temple, and other things, on such a vast planet. She would be certain before she let her mind wander further from the Code. She bit her lip. In her innocence, she knew the Council wouldn’t be happy, but what was the worst they could do? Kick her from the Order, probably, but it wasn’t like she couldn’t survive on her own…

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