The scene in the med bay was not dramatic. There was no creeping shadows, no blaze of light, no rushing sound. But the woman’s body, sitting upright so long into the night, let out a soft gasp of air, her hands fell to the ground, and soon after she slumped, falling to her side on the cool metal tiles. 

Bedisa breathed. Barely.

Her forehead was wet with sweat, her robes as well, and in the soft, beeping lights of the scanners and the kolto tank’s glow, she shivered. For a moment, perhaps, there was just a whiff of ozone and brimestone. The last vestiges of the shield she’d been maintaining through out the night were but scraps. Sheer little scraps of the Force that her mind struggled to keep together. 

What had she seen? What had she seen? There was pain, so much pain, and she prayed that the little one had not seen or sensed the visions that still seared across her mind. She tried to draw her robe a little closer, still shivering, still curled up on the floor, but could not. Too weak. Such power… such darkness. She’d been a fool to push the creature, but the vision had come unbidden…

Two lights….

Bedisa continued to rest her head on the floor, trying to keep the shield together. Later…later. Not tonight, not now…

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