She breathed, long and deep, sitting before the bustling lights of Nar Shadaa. Breathe. Deep in her meditation, the sounds and the colours faded to near nothingness. Sinking deeper into the flow and the peace the Force gave her.


Lord Ishya had given wise advice, she thought. An answer of sorts for so many of the worries and troubles that had been swirling in storm clouds around her heart. Slowly now, as the world outside feel further and further away, Bedisa felt a peace she had not before. Stand up to him. Be strong. Have courage. Love, and guidance. 

She had been allowing fear to guide her. It made her uncertain, hesitant. It riled her temper and then left her feeling hollow after their fights. She stirred, feeling another little pang in her heart. It hadn’t quite left, but now it had a different focus. Would she be able to do the right thing? Could she help him? Could she…

Could she be his Empress.

Stand beside him in rightness, and lead him from the darker path. Not to change him, not like that, not exactly, but to make him…more. More whole. More himself. Balance. A little bit of Light *and* Dark. Love him and be the support he needed. She didn’t need to hestitate. She couldn’t, not now, not when he and her friends were in such grave conflict. Not when all he had built could be undone, and she could lose him, and her principals. 

Breathe, release. Let the Force flow through you and bring you peace. Let there be passion, let it fuel you, your desire for peace. Let it be the fire that drives you and give your life meaning and strength. Have courage and confidence. Know you are loved. Know you love in turn. Be one in the Force.

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