She placed the communicator down with a soft smile, as the last note of his voice faded away. Funny, that. For all that he was, she could always hear him at least and feel at peace. The simple sound of his voice.

She gathered up a walking stick, a flask of water. A long white scarf, the bare minimum she needed to protect herself from Tatooine’s blazing suns as she went….out. Thin breeches and top, sandals. The heat had little fear for her, as she left the compound, cresting the ridge just beyond it without looking back. Closing her eyes, feeling the strength of it flow through her. Maybe her skin colour, maybe her preference, but she liked it out here. A burning fire of light and heat that washed over her mind and soul and left clarity behind.

She walked over the ridge, her scarf rippling behind her as a rare breeze stirred it. Follow the Force. Seek the centre. Her path began to lead her into the deep desert beyond the compound, away from the speeder trails and spaceport tracks. Leading away from chaos, to the stark beauty and silence of the dunes. So much chaos. Heart and mind ached, even after he had taken her in his arms again… and that was half the problem.

She moved forward, stick plunging into the sand. She was no Jedi. But she followed the Force. The whole, complete Force. Dark and Light. Shadows and mystery. It was said those strong in meditation, strong in the Force itself, could live without food or drink. Could be sustained on the life of the universe itself. Could obtain a peace without measure… she raised her hands, shielding them from the suns, and sighed. Perhaps not peace, for that was not going to be her ultimate path, but guidance. Understanding. 

Perhaps she would see, out there in the deep desert.

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