Dear Mother and Father,

Please forgive me for the long wait since last we spoke. I attempted to place a holocall earlier, and I hope you received my message then. Father must still be very busy with the reconstruction on Corellia. 

I hope you weren’t too worried about me during my silence. I’ve been…very busy, in some ways. I no longer take missions from the Order, but I spend much of my time in research and meditation. Mostly meditation. But I’m well, Mother and Father, and doing well. I’m staying out of danger, and there’s been no problems with travelling with the blockade. 

I am still spending time with my dear friend. He’s got some rough edges, but I’m treated very well. He has love, and does right by me, as you would say, Mother. I know you’d like to meet him, but right now…well, I’m not in trouble so much, but he might be in a little. Nothing you need to trouble yourselves over. If it’s not business it’s this mess with Zakuul. He’s a fighter, Ma and Pa. He’s posh, but he’s a fighter. Himself or for his ambition or…

I think my words got away from me there. I’ll get another holocall set up soon, Mama and Papa. Meanwhile, I’ll keep myself safe as best I can and resume my meditations.

I love and miss you both, very much


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