She wiped the tears from her eyes.

Tears were necessary, at this point. They washed away the remainder of the old feelings, and in their wake, she felt….stable. More stable then she had been, for ages. Perhaps it was still just sheer shock at the sight of him, but she would take that for now.

Alive! Alive. By the Light.

The more she thought about it, as she made the rounds of the camp she had already promised to visit, the less of a surprise it became. She had let the Force guide her so far, in going to Tython, in visiting Corellia and other war zones. The tug had been just as strong in Balmorra and she had never questioned why… and suddenly, the Force’s will never seemed more clear. But still, why. Why to see him

She shook her head and settled beside a wounded soldier, her smile gentle, hands careful. Sith or Republic, she had made her promises. Wounded were wounded. She would tend to the civilians next, and then…and then it would be time to move on again. She could not stay. She wasn’t sure what her former friends were doing, what they were up to, but a helping hand would…

She sighed as she closed her eyes. Maybe they would not reject her out of hand. The shame still lingered. A touch of fear. She had accepted those emotions, their place in her life, to no longer let them rule over her as they had done, but as the Force willed….as the Force will. She had to trust in that. 

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