She walked out to the far edges of the desert compound, wearing just a simply, light robe, a hood purely to protect her head from the worst of the sun. Bedisa didn’t mind the heat, not even on Tattooine, and she had a need right now to make use of it. A seperate time for meditation and clarity. Her sleep had been restless, she was worried about Brembal, and worried about her friends as well. Something was afoot, and… she turned her face to the sky and the blazing, comfortig heat. The combat mission. The violence. She needed greater balance.

She found a spot amongst the rocks outside the compound, exposed to the full blast of the sun, sat, folded her legs and closed her eyes. The Force was a wonder in many things. 

She slowed her breathing, accepted the heat beating down on her. Let it pass. 

You could control the elements, to a degree. No heat, nor cold, hunger, thirst…physical things could fade away as one communed with the Force. Deeper and deeper still, taking comfort in the flow of mind and spirit and energy. Seeking peace more then any concrete answers. The heat began to fade away. It almost seemed…chilly, now, a chill in the air…

Her breath seemed to hang in mid air and just…freeze. The vision came slowly, as she watched in a daze. She wasn’t the prophetic type. But these things could happen, she’d heard, when you meditated. Voices, whispers. Signs. She watched further, allowing the Force to move as it would. Feelings. She had come seeking answers, even if she didn’t vocalize it.

Everything was dark. But not in a bad way. Night time, deep midnight, in the last few hours before dawn. That chill in the air, that utter darkness, unaffected by the glitter of stars and…she puzzled. She couldn’t quite make out the constellations, or any moons. A place without a place. And in the distance, there were storm clouds. Roiling, turning, coming upon her quickly, but there was no fear. She let the feeling drift pass. This was a wonder of nature this storm. 

It was a beautiful sight. Dark blues and blacks and greys, twisting around themselves, stabs of lightning, again and again. Flashes of brilliant light and colour speared the towering mass of clouds, striking down towards… a sea, she thought. She was on a cliff near a seaside. But that was secondary to the storm now raging around her. Deep breaths. No fear. Not even when the storm drew closer and tugged at her robe, tearing, pulling. SHe kept her eyes skyward, wondering at the display. 

An odd sort of silence pierced the tumult, and she flinched. It was sound without sound, and far, far off in the sky she could see a single spark of light. Blazingly bright, almost painfully so, and she flinched, raising her eyes to protect them even against that tiny glare. Now there was a sense of fear, of uncertainty. The spark cut through the sky at impossible speeds, it seemed, spearing through the storm clouds and leaving a trail in the very air behind it. Falling. 

She could half hear something now, but she wasn’t sure what it was. Her hearing was muffled, or perhaps overwhelmed. Despite the speed of the thing, despite her fear, she felt herself stretching out her hands, cupping them to catch the tiny star. And she knew…

It would burn her.

She could catch it.

Or let it fall.

Let it slip and fall into the deep darkness of the ocean below, but after that…

Bedisa eyes flew open, her breathing sharp, quick. Heaving for air as she looked around. It was still hot, impossibly hot, but the twin suns were much, much lower on the horizon. How long she had been entranced in her meditation, caught within the vision, she couldn’t be sure. But…she touched her hands, her arms. They were chilled, despite the heat.  She got unsteadily to her feet and made her way back to the compound. She wasn’t thirsty, nor hungry.

What did this vision mean?

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