She leaned her head back against her seat within the rough freighter, daring a few moments of rest. She had done what she could on Corellia. There were always more, always injured, but…but these days, more often, she would feel a tug, a whisper of the Force, guiding her onwards to another planet. 


Yes. Bedisa’s eyes flickered opened for a moment, and then closed with a soft sigh. She needed to take that rest while she could. There had been great injury wreaked on that planet by the Empire. By the Republic too, in it’s own way. There was a debt owed there for other reasons as well, and ones she kept buried. Reasons that were, with time, slowly starting to lose some of their pain. 

Breathe in and out. Feel the Force. Let it renew you. 

Such a blessing her time back on Tython had been, against all expectation. And even still her time back on Corellia. She learned more, was learning more, of the Force and it’s more gentle uses. Healing. Healing of one’s self and of others, and such guided her hand now. She hadn’t touched a light saber in… she glanced down at her palm and flexed it, half in a trance. No, those blades were better off with the young one. That one had the strength, the ability. Not Bedisa herself. For herself, for now, there was onyl the Force. In all it’s pure and bright power and complexity. A refuge.

She closed her eyes again, sinking deeper into the trance. And…

A frown, a tremor. A feeling.

Bedisa opened her eyes and placed her hand on the viewscreen, seeing a flickering image of space. No… it couldn’t be.  She hadn’t… those had been dreams, memories. He must be dead. Buried under tons of rubble in a self made tomb. And besides, she hadn’t felt, nor hardly even…

She trembled and turned within herself, binding the Force powers close about her and sinking deeper into that refuge. It was easy to both lose one’s self in the Force, and hide one’s presence as well. At least she had been discovering this of late. And now, she felt, she must hide deeper. 

But did her friends suspect…

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