Bedisa’s eyes opened, but her breath did not curl into smoke the way the distant brazier did. She waved away the chill and her expression flickered for a moment. Something felt…off. 

She rubbed her brow for a moment, and in a few more moments, felt the deep and bitter chill of the surrounding glacier. Ah. It was enough to throw off her concentration anyways, and she would need the warmth of the brazier now. Fighting cold seemed harder then sitting out the heat. A glance, and the brazier floated closer, flared higher and hotter. 

She brushed hair back from her face and another glance slid aside the slab of ice she used as a door. No, nothing there, just a faint breeze and a flutter of falling snow and ice crystals. Her brow furrowed again. Deep as she was in her meditations, she should have…ah, there. Her eyes glazed over and grew distant. Things were happening. Nothing in particular, but something out there, the Force itself maybe, stirred. Restless. Bedi pulled a fur closer around her and sighed. The last time this had happened she had left the war camp behind and went back to Tatooine.

And then here. Hot and cold. There was a polarity there that intrigued her and she needed to do more. The guilt, the shame, it still lingered, but the drive to push and punish herself had slowly, gradually faded. Then she had felt the urge to do something else. Not study, no, she had lost that innocence long ago, but there was so much more to the force. No wonder her masters had raised brows when she was graduated early. She smiled faintly. The academic drive had been there but she hadn’t really understood the Force. She still didn’t, even now.

She turned back and took several deep breaths. Not yet. She had more to do, more to learn. If she was needed, they would call for her. Or she would feel it coming. For now… she sat back down, crossed her legs, and faded back into the Force. 

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