Hands to skin. Whispers. Sighs. Soft sounds. Passion. Touching, lips. Intertwined. Touching, a smile, another whisper. Warmth, a hint of greater heat, brushing of hand to skin again. 

Whispers. Surprise. She smiles at him, from above. A blush of innocence where there is little innocence to be had in the moment. “Will you heed me?”

A low laugh, the sounds of their passion again. A nod, an interest. What is this now, from her calm soul? He smiles, a smirk, and a glint of the other in his eye. This is good. This is what he…wants?

The smirk is met with a trailing hand. A sharp sound. He blinks again, the smirk fading at the red mark of a hand. A deeper sort of interest. An aura, warm and full, surrounding him, commanding him, in it’s quiet way. He draws breath, retreats his thoughts deeper, but she pursues, with a smile and a sharpness of nail and teeth and lips. 

“Will you heed me?”

“Yes, my love, and my empress.”

She smiles, and he remains fascinated. Intrigued and proud. This is what he wants for her, and he gladly submits. A little closer towards the shadows, he thinks.

She blushes then. He is submitting. He obeys. Is this what he…wants? Would he listen to her? Sighs and sounds, a test, and yes, he does. As she pursues them, as they fall together, she wonders. He submits, and yet there is still something…hidden. Hidden from her. She is afraid, though she hides it from him, and turns the fear into strength. Holds his head in her hands, strokes it, and as the heat rises, whispers to him again. 

“Will you heed me?”

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