What is the nature of the Force?

Of all things, I did not imagine that a Sith would be the one to spur on my studies after leaving Tython. That I was going to was a certainty, of course, but with the galaxy ahead of me I was planning on taking some time to enjoy the local scene and catch up on news and enjoy the free time I suddenly had. There has been, however, on my mind the theories and questions that have plagued me ever since I began my higher level studies on Tython.

The question is not one new to Jedi, and I have often heard it asked or debated and discussed amongst both masters and students. What troubles me still is that certain question pertaining to the Force, ones I asked, and few others, often made my instructors uncomfortable. I wanted to know about why there is a split between Light and Dark. Why the Dark Side is so feared. What exactly makes people turn. Is it them or is it the nature of the Force itself?

The Sith I have met does, in some ways, match the descriptions of Sith we learned about on Tython. Despite his protestations, he *is* deceptive. Or something. There is darkness in him. Something that makes me feel uncertain and wary. I can’t be blamed for that, coming from such a sheltered life. Wariness is a logical first step when one is thrust into the wider universe, let alone when meeting the member of an order reknowned for it’s cruelty, it’s anger, and it’s power. On the other hand…he is just a man. He is not the boogeyman I was told about as a child, and to a lesser degree as an adult. His story, which I do not entirely doubt, is complex and painful, and as much as it disturbs me to admit, seems linked to the Code I was taught to follow. 

This is what now turns me to my datapads and files and research. He speaks of his version of the Force, of passion (which for some reason he was very focused on earlier. Overly persistent, even. Which seems odd for someone of his age), of how it permeates…there are many different kinds of passion, calm and active. He speaks of life experience. It makes me wonder, then, with such a life and the tragedies that have befallen him and his son, that the Dark Side is what called him. Rather that it is the other way around, that his own anger, passion, and natural feelings and urges corrupted the Force within him. I walk in Light, as they say, but I have lived a good life so far, and I recognize my great blessings and priviledge. That is why my parents gave me up to the Jedi. 

And so the deepest question rises closer to the surface. Is…is there Light and Dark, or is there only the Force, shaped by our personal experiences and  feelings? Are the Jedi in any way correct in their teachings, or is, as the Sith said, greater freedom and power to be found without such?

Does he even know what such freedom can mean?

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