She frowned over the datapad, running through the simulation data again and again. Curse it. Lord Ishya had been left to her own devices for far too long. She needed to pay closer attention next time. 

A tick was left on another datapad, a list. Set aside an extra hour for strategic planning lessons. 

Another frown, a faint laying back of her ears as she pondered the aftermath. Annoyance. This other Sith lord, this Dumuzid. Bothersome. She had finally settled into her position with Ishya. It was a good one. Agent Tevaria was a fine commander, a woman of logic and reason. Ishya, despite her odd forays into madness, was far more manageable a Sith then many she’d come across or heard of. Things had been going so *well* after Brembal’s fall. 


Her fur prickled slightly under her uniform. Her instinct with this one was…wary. He seemed like your typical old guard Sith, built of honour and what not, but how well THAT could be trusted, well. The request for blood and scans was worrying, not atypical for their lot, but still. And as much as her loyalty lay with the Empire, she…did not relish dividing her loyalty from her commander and her lord. Switching them. The decision lay with Lord Ishya, and there was no use in speaking her own mind. 

A sigh. A report had been sent to Lord Ishya and Agent Tevaria, informing them of the incoming request from Lord Dumuzid. Well. She would have to make due, however uncertain her own path was at the moment.

Most honourable Lord Ishya

Special Agent Tevaria

As of yesterday evening’s simulation I have been approached by Lord Dumuzid with a request for reassignment. He wishes me to consider working under his command, and has begun the process of application. Documentation will be sent to you both shortly. Further details will likely await in his report. I will, of course, follow whatever directive I am given in this matter.

Agent Dareia Bogov

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