Eyes narrowed in the faint dimness of her small barracks quarters. The light level was perfect here, she found. Agent Tevaria’s arrangements were far better then she had come to expect back on Dromund Kaas. She could adjust the light levels however she chose, avoiding the sharp glare that would often pain her sensitive pupils. 

Well, at least when she didn’t have the contacts in, but those were an issue in and of themselves.

She turned her thoughts back to the computer screen in front of her. Schematics. Blue prints. Ship designs. Entry points. Data was entered and processed and filed away. Now of all times was best, in the wee hours of dawn. Or dusk, when it came to it. 

Infiltration. They would be boarding Darth Salacity’s, aka Brembal Kybersmith, aka the Bane of Balmorra’s, vessel. Weapons. Turrets, lasers. Blasters. More information was filed away. She focused on the maps, the electrical diagrams. If needs be she should be ready to open doors, turn of lights…

Her eyes flicked to another window on her screen. Slicing. She needed to work on that more, much more. It had never been her strength, and to be deemed only “entry level”… the emotion was quickly snuffed. No emotion, no fear, only clarity and focus on her work. You didn’t excel by whimpering over little slights. You focused and that was what made you.

She slid the holowindow running the slicing program over and dismissed the schematics. 1 hour of study. Then 30 minutes for slicing. Breakfast, a coffee.  Then another hour of slicing. Then her workout. Make time for a potential meeting with Lord Ishya and another debriefing with Agent Tevaria. She segmented the day as she continued to stare at the screen.

You didn’t excel by whimpering over little slights…

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