Bedisa awoke slowly from her slumber, frowning as she did so. How strange, she thought. There was a dark thread, half a vision, half a feeling, that troubled her rest, enough so her eyes finally flicked open a few moments later. 

How strange. She rubbed her eyes and looked blearily out her window. Things had, against all expectations, been looking up. The talk with Master Sage had been reassuring. Having someone older, wiser, more experienced with the world give her advice on such personal troubles had been a comfort she sorely needed. She had felt the prickling wariness around her fade. She’d bowed her head, and in turn, felt the eyes watching her cautiously turn away.

And yet…

Her situation was still precarious. She was walking a delicate line, but she hadn’t seen Brembal in some days, and prior to that her visits to Nar Shadaa had not drawn great suspicion. So why now did such a dark feeling trouble her? She took a deep breath and tried to focus on the rapidly fading sensation. Darkness…yes, not her, but someone close to her… She paused, and breathed again. It was gone. 

She sighed and flopped back into bed, one hand over her eyes. Despite the earliness of the day, she could not sleep again. She may as well have her tea and begin her meditations… her gaze moved again, landing on the small holoterminal at the other end of her room a moment before it beeped softly. Message waiting. It was the secure device Brembal had given her.

She padded towards it and frowned at the message, the coordinates and the security code. Tatooine? It was remote, he had mentioned it before… she thought back to her dreams. What have you done, Brembal?

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