Looming over the world Malakor 3, a massive super dreadnought sends out a single craft, a small fighter travels through the atmosphere and lands around a mile from a small base in the mountains. The pilot leaps from her cockpit, their long flowing robes, black as the night that fell upon the planet flowed like a ghastly shade. As darkness fell apon the land no one could imagine that death slipped right into the compound of a prominent Sith. The lord known as Darth Calos had been in liege with the now traitor branded Grand Moff Darmus Rihken, for decades, helping to sweep his mistakes and dirty dealings by throwing around his power base. After the Moffs exposure several Darths and Lords of moderate holding would sure to be exposed, and Calos was no different. 

The inky black form glides upon the base’s floors, slipping in and out of the shadows, guards and acolytes swiftly and silently dispatched. Slowly the slender figure saunters into the main chambers of the Darth, he calls for his guards….yet no one arrives. He growls and presses a large button on his throne, six doors open, and six armor clad sith march out, sabers drawn as they surround the deathly figure. Slowly the figure turns to look at their aggressors, a soft giggle passes through the hood as the click of the lightsaber coming off the belt triggers the sith to ignite their blades, rushing in!

The cloak flies off into the face of the front most sith, their body being cut through like paper by the bright pink duel sided lightsaber gives his comrades pause as they behold their assailant. The slender form of a young blood haired girl, dressed in only a tube-top wrapped in bandages and an elegant looking skirt, looking to be barely even 19 takes a stance against them, her eyes a piercing yellow as she eyes each of them up. Her lips part into her grin, as she began to sing….a haunting aria, echoing throughout the large room, the force leaking from her every note as they began staggering. Her voice was beautiful, her form was graceful, and every inch of her was deadly as he slide forward, almost gliding as she locked blades with her first soon to be victim! She deflected an incoming attack from behind with the other side of her blade, twisting her body to spin the blade and knock them back, rushing to two standing near one another, she leaps upwards, landing a powerful heeled kick to ones chest before bouncing from it and spinning mid air, cleaving his comrades face in half, he pauses “four..” with a giggle before beginning her song again. The Darth sitting in fear as he haunting, jovial song echoed around his chambers, his apprentices dispatched on after the other. 

Her song slowly ended as each of the sith fell, pieces of them strewn about the room in a bloody work of art. She turns gliding across the room towards the darth, always the politician his skills with a saber had waned over the years, he leaps at her only to miss, his arms left smoldering stumps with her swift strike. He falls to his knees, feeling the end of her saber-staff against his neck, he wanted to beg for his life, beg forgiveness for his betrayal of the empire, for what he did to her mother. For this sith was not only instrumental in arranging the throw away trials that would have landed her, and her family in graves, but the sith who personally tortured her mother to locate her father. She wanted so very badly, to ignite her blade, but simply giggled as she looked to the door. 

The Sith looked on in horror as a man, dressed head to toe in imperial uniform, hair as red as blood steps closer. His eyes well up as he remembers the scared mans face, remembering clearly the same cold expression of the mans wife, as she defied him for the man she loved. He opens his mouth to speak, only to find a blaster in it, he trembles and tries to scream, but all that comes out, is gargled blood as the blade on the end of the blaster extends.

The girl shivers with excitement as she watches the man she has idolized her whole life stand before her in the flesh, assuring her advancement and letting her return to the empire not as the trophy of his supposed killer. No, she would return to the empire a hero, one who took not only justice for the empire, but for her mother, as she finally let her light saber ignite through the dieing mans chest, letting his lungs sear and cook, prolonging his suffering for just a moment longer. The two turn, stepping out from the compound as the moons rise high, illuminating the Father and daughter, their crusade for justice only beginning. 

In the days to come, the imperial holonet would be ablaze with news, the siths death, and the rise of a new lord, vindicating her families innocence and proving her power. As well as another Lord, dispatched after it was revealed his forces withdrew from a massive battle with the republic during the war, allowing one of the Moffs rivals to die. This kind of military dishonor would not be tolerated by the Empire, from the ashes of the Lords holdings rose a new Darth, Darth Venos, known within the military as Lord Commander of Blackops destruction division. The two stood proud upon the Devils Hammer, flagship of Darth Destros,, also known as Korrbin, he held a great celebration in their honor, to commemorate the beginning of their new reign.

“We here honor you, Averous Crane, now Darth Venos, and you, now Lord Anyea Emilea Moontear!”

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i86Ugyg3nfk ) (for context to the fight scene)

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