The rumbling of cannon fire, explosions echoing across the field of battle, screams of death and suffering scrawling over the planet as the Fury class lands apon the world of Darvin 4. A large group of displaced Pirates had taken over an imperial base, controlling many secrets and high powered weaponry they couldn’t afford to bomb. A small platoon of forces step from the ship, a Dark robed figure leading them down platform, making their way past customs with only raised eyebrows, the battle was already in the heat, bodies thrown aside in mass graves, the scent of burning blood and filth filled the air. The hooded figure glances to the sides, keeping quiet as the group moves calmly to the command center, looking out over the destruction the pirates have brought, the imperial soldiers keeping them at bay and in their box, the commander turns to bark orders at the arrivals before he sees the bright yellow eyes already stareing at him.

“Aah… L-Lord Crane, i was unaware you were going to be attending the mission, overseeing it from the command center i would assume…?” he speaks with fear bleeding through, it was his failure that called Black-ops to this planet, and his incompetence than would someday lead to a fate he deserved. “I will be fixing your mistake, and my men are taking you into custody, you will stand trial for mass imcompitance, and the deaths of every soldier you wasted trying to take this base.” Before the Commander could object a gag as tied around his gaping mouth, being tied tightly, as well as his hands being forcibly bound, the soldiers stomp off to place him in the transport.

Averous looks out to the battlefield, the fort was between two solid mountain walls, numerous tunnels and diverts were available, yet the commander saw fit to drive his forces through the center, into a hail of Blaster fire. Averous scowls before removing his cloak and hood, his Armour underneath is light but well plated, designed for a mobile and reckless style of fighting. The soldiers stand ready ordering over the comms for the other to fall back, as they watch him step calmly out to the tunnels. The pirates look around convused but triumphant as they watch the soldiers flee, looking to the center they watch as the dark haired sith steps closer. They take aim, not wasting time ordering threats before they open fire, watching in surprise as he draw his blades, leaping into the blaster fire spinning like a whirlwind, blaster bolts flying back at them! 

The confusion caused by the seemingly useless effort to shoot him causes them to fall back from the walls, attempting to close the large metal doors sealing themselves in. Once the firing had lessened he thrusts out his hands, grabbing a large stone with the force, his knuckles crack as he strains to lift it, roaring in a pure fury as he throws the massive bolder into the door, keeping it from closeing for a short time, taking this time to bolt towards the gap, slipping in just as the rock is crushed and the doors close, his speed does not stop as his rampage begins..

An arm, a leg, bits and pieces of the Pirates fly about the main grounds as the bright red blades worked through them. The alarms sound as he works through the compound, no one is spared as he slays man after man, his face as calm as stone as he takes life after life, ignoring the pleas for mercy, crushing heads under his boots, their brains and eyes splayed across the floor. As he enters the innermost room, housing their captives and some remaining staff, the bodies of several female officers are layed out on the cots, naked, clearly abused and used by the depraved Pirates, his eyes narrow as he makes his way in, their moans and crying voices send a shiver through him, not of fear…but rage. The pirates are hold up at the end of the room, a familiar female form is held against the leaders body, a blaster pressed up to her neck, she looks at him, naked and scared from her encounters she looks away in shame. The leader growls as he backs slowly toward the lift to the ships on the top of the compound.

“Alright Sith, we both know why you are here, we left all the secrets where they were, we only ransomed these sluts and the tech because we know your priotites, me and what is left of my men are going to leave now, and this one is coming with, see ive taken a liking to her, you wont choose one bitch over the entire fortress…” he cackles as he moves to grab the woman’s chest, his hand only grasping air before stopping. His arm wrenches back as well as the one holding the blaster, his body contorts and snaps against his will as Crane holds out a hand to the Blonde Officer “My lord…i…” He pats her face “Save it, get the rest of them out, more transports will be landing to take you home, leave now, as much as you want to see what comes next, i will not sacrifice your Honor…” She nods, looking away as she grabs some clothes, instructing the others to do so as well, they close the door behind them knowing full well what would follow them.

All that escaped the compound as they made the long walk back were the sounds of blood curdling screams, they could almost hear the snap of the Pirates bones, and the last whimpers of their lungs before being popped like balloons. After what seemed like hours Crane returns to his men, the victims of the attack having been sent off already, they off his cloak, draping it over his shoulders, allowing him to pull the hood up as they move to the Fury, silent and working as the well oiled machine they were. As he sits in his meditation chamber he opens a holo com, recording a message.

“My lady Ishya, please forgive my Delay in response but my work took longer that i hoped, the enemies of the empire drew out my more…violent tenancies, and i worked out some frustration in the process, unfortunately i got blood all over the outfit i intended to wear for you, i will need a day or so to meet with you. I do apologize or the delay but i wish to look my best, im sure you understand.”

He signs the message “For the Empire.” And removes his gear, stripped naked he kneels apon the floor, letting his dark side energy flow, meditating and recovering as he wipes a smeared red hand print from his face.

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