“Four hours, I’ve been sitting here four hours, bastard Ham wont relieve me just to spite my “escaping”, Boss locked the damn door, clearly forgetting there’s no place to take a leak in this room.” Xin grunts as he gets up, taking a moment to stretch, he had been improving greatly with Shoult and Hammet working on him, he was more sore now from laying in the bed than he was from his injuries. He moves over to the pile of his clothes, changing into his proper pants and boots, sliding on his undershirt, having gotten most of the bloodstains out, looking to his blasters, removing the panel of his grip, taking out a small Slicers kit. He looks at the door, inspecting it closely before opening the panel behind the Kolto tank, taking out the Datapad snuck to him by his Brother.

 “Well Jackie, lets see if i can break your little system here, Try number one….open door…” He looks at the clearly closed door and curls his lips to the left of his face “Well shit…”

The panel showed the flow of power in the room, he slices in gently, connecting the data pad, his eyes track the flow of power in and out of the room, as well as the security parameters, her security was tight, some of the tightest he had seen in a long time, a grin creeps to his face as he examines the system. “Well, this wont be exactly easy, only a few tries before it locks me in until she come to let me out, and since id rather not piss my pants, i should be more careful..” 

He connects his chip into the datapad, making his own slicing computer once again, looking closely at the security system he begins attempting to make minute changes all over the system, while working the door lock open, trying to distract the system.

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