Xin strides into the Stronghold, a large grin plastered on his face, his collar raised a little higher as he passes the younger members of the crew. Tossing off his jacket onto a chair one might notice red lines down his neck and arms, bite marks covering his neck, it had been too long since he had been this sore and relaxed in a long time, he chuckles as he pours himself a large glass of water, dehydration kills after-all. He sits at the console, loading up his new algorithm, the holonet was open to him once again. He bite his lips as he leans back against the chair, the fresh scratches down his spine stinging him so wonderfully, a light growl passing his lips as he works to run the empire in circles, bringing back such delightful memories.



The days seem to run together, there was no sunlight here, only storms and rain….It never stopped the drills though. Andrew was a part of our program, but certainly wasn’t a soldier, well then again neither was I, i was some kid from no where with a long track record of bad decisions and too many questions they couldn’t answer. I liked keeping them guessing, who i was is not important, who i am, is. Who am I, a good question, right now im running second behind this lass with the arse of a goddess, no wonder im always second to her, she moves like she is on air. The rest of these idiots keep a pace to match their partners, that isnt what they want to see, keep that buddy buddy bullshit for the Pubs, they paired us off to see our strengths, mine is combat and tech, Arkus is a dickhead, a very commanding and tactical dickhead. I aint got force powers like the sith, or my Brother, but i can see ahead well enough, he will be my boss, ill lead the troops on the ground, and the skys are his. 

Training concluded for the day, i got to spar her again, i have never in my life gotten my arse kicked so fantastically, even the lovely didn’t whip me up that badly when we met, which reminds me i need to put in for a day of leave, i owe that woman dinner. The thing i cant shake is, she is so thin, ive seen her put away the same things we eat, all the regular diet but she puts on no weight, she moves like a snake and leaves everyone around her drained and tired while she barely works up a sweat. Scarier still, i caught her naked out back once, her own little cove where everyone knows she goes, but no one dares interrupt her, i figured out why. He has these blades, by the look of them something i saw from a shipment to Mannan, these curved blades that fit snugly with her arms. Dancing, i cant describe it any different, she dances with those blades like a performer in ballet, a very deadly one at that, i have a feeling my arse kicking was going easy on me.. 

Natalie…what the hell are you?


Finishing his work, his old friend on another while chase for nothing, well…a lone imperial transport controlled by the Exchange isn’t nothing, its just not what he is looking for. Xin looks over the manifest and sees a few familiar names, sighing lightly he alters their coarse, the ship escaping the empire for another day or two, but all these roundabout tactics aren’t going to last forever… 

We need a distraction.

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