The sound of pounding could be heard through out the halls of the stronghold, Claps of dull thunder rolling through the Kaas jungles, fluctuations of frustrations and fury, buried for so long. The poor dummy in the training room is dented and pummeld by the fists of frustration, burning inside from Xins heart, the night’s festivities had lead him to learn more about the people who’s bed he had been lying in. Xin had been around enough Sith to smell their bullshit a mile off, worked for one for years, gaining his trust but never fully giving it, Even his brother he watches with a close eye, hoping he does not fall back into his old habits. The Imperial holonet had revealed the real reason they were risking their lives for this sith, His own personal gain, Imperial troops, ships, the nod of the Empress to continue his dealings all for his credited strike at Zakul. He didnt need us, I mean why use your own men, risk your own possessions when you have mercs who are skilled but ultimately disposable, even one you share a bed with, even one you share your blood with. Fury continued to pound into the dummy, the jedi about the place could feel the palpable rage radiating off the typically calm and comedic Captain, He roars as he grabs the punching dummy, throwing it on the floor and leaping on top of it, pounding its memory form face until his fist connects again and again with the metal post within, snarling in anger as he draws his fist back. He looks down at his dammaged hand, bloody and sore, gripping his fingers, he twists and pushes until his fingers realign properly, the sickenig cracking sound of his bones snapping into place echo the now quiet training hall. 

“Fucking children…all these bloody force wielding idiots..the jedi are self  fools who justify murder for the greater good, and abandon all reason once their repressed emotions get a fucking tickle!” He leaves the mildly broken dummy on the floor before slinging his guns onto his belt, stomping towards the Hanger “And sith are no better for the most part, Selfish and arrogant they think they can do it all on their own, and will sacrifice everything, even what they want to protect, just to get an inch ahead…” he shouts a few swear words at the ship in huttese, opening the doors as he tromps his way inside. “Computer, prepare launch sequence 639-b! Get us into hyperspace as soon as we can!” The Ship beeps and boops, a woman’s voice comes over the coms, foreign accent included “Yeas kaptain, destination?” He sighs as he pulls aside a wall panel most would not even notice, flipping a switch or two, the whole ship comes alive as panels swing around, presenting screens apon screens of data feeds. He looks to the map and pulls off the “eye-patch” he wore at all times, setting it down with metallic clink “Take us into wild space, kick on the Isotope-5 back up drive and initialize cloaking system once we leave hyperspace..” He spits to the side and sits in his chair, taking the controls in hand. “Im tired of being played by sith who think they know the game better than anyone…” He opens a panel, sending a message to Kybersmith Mineing, his incription was of his own design, as was most of his gear and tech, a simple message hidden and designed to make it apear as if it came from no one, but a message that the recipient would recognize.  

” Bishop to E4.”

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