“Listen, Lord so and so, I don’t much care for what was promised, what I DO care about is my money.” Boots kicked up on the edge of the holoterminal, and a chair leaned back.

“You red skinned devil woman….”

“Oh, please, go on. DO go on.” A cigar was jammed in the corner of her mouth, teeth almost as sharp as fangs biting down and grinning around it. “You going to spout off that sort of nonsense at a pureblood? At ME? Listen, friend, if you didn’t want blood on your hands I could’ve just dunked your head in it and held it there.”

The Sith on the other end of the line, a human wearing a few accoutrements indicating his rank and status as a Lord, sneered at her. “I’m not afraid of you, welp. Pureblood or no, you’re not a ranking member of our order, you’re barely on the registry of graduates of Korriban. If you think your little tantrum on Balmorra the other day is supposed to be intimidating, you are *sorely* mistaken. You were hired to perform a job, you reneged on that contract, so not only do not get paid, the assassins…”

“Blah blah blah.” She waved the cigar in the air, smoke curling around raven black locks of hair. “I think you need to go over those security recordings again. I mean, really, you think I’m so unprofessional as to let myself be recorded…well, I have a reputation to maintain, m’lord.” Her voice slowed, the smile appearing again, feral as it was. “I am scrupulously honest in my dealings. Y’have to be, in this business, but I also don’t like being taken advantage of. I’m a pureblooded Sith, I survived Korriban, and…” She bit down on the cigar again, leaning forward with death in her eye. “I really *love* when I get to fulfill my true heritage.”

The Sith scowled, one hand tapping at something off screen. He slowed. The red skinned devil woman leaned back and grinned. “I see. So that’s why you graduated.”

“I’ll forgive you the assasins you sent over, sir. If they provide me with enough fun, but it goes without saying you’re going to lose your deposit.” There was a laugh. “I might come after you too, I might. After all. *Reputation*.” She clicked the holocall off and then sat back and laughed again. 

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