As the party at Halo’s place dies down, he meets a few new people, a former slave still getting to grips with freedom, let alone becoming a Jedi. A Sith who just wanted to have some fun and drink free booze, and an intriguing woman with no obvious confidence issues. As always Halo was after the boss, i challenged her to a shoot, I had better make sure my hands are steady, less i end up full of holes. Then again there are worse ways to go then being shot by a beautiful woman…hell that’s how i ment my…

Xin’s hands stop typing, setting the holo pad down and taking up the locket he had been starring at all day. “Ten years… i have been without you or her in ten years. I recived a holo from her recently, she is nearing her coming of age our little one is growing up.” he moves his hand to open the locket, a young and beautiful red hair woman on one side, and a small girl with matching crimson hair, He holds the locket to his head, sighing lightly as he sets it down.

He continues writing: Wife. she was sent to kill me, and she missed, we ended up in a knife fight in the middle of the jungle of Dromund Kaas, pouring rain as the planet always was. I broke three ribs and nearly bled out, after patching up her wounds, I managed to knock her out with a quick jab to the back of the head, I almost wanted to slice her throat but… I couldn’t. i patched her up, and passed out. I found myself in her home, handcuffed to the bed of corse, my wounds patched up and her beside the bed, in a chair, with a scatter-gun lazily trained on my head as she slept. I suppose I’ve woken up to worse things, in my career. The day she died, Drex Corvos died , well at least to himself.

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