It was an average day in the spaceport, crowds of freaks and villains pouring in and out of Narshadaa. Among them, a single hooded figure, their body hidden under a large cloak, strides through the crowds. Off to the side a group of Gangsters strut forward, surrounding the small figure, blocking their path and drawing their guns. “Aah a new arrival to Narshadaa, well boys why don’t we show this runt a good welcome, hand over all of your credits and any valuables or you will end up in the red light district in pieces!” the leader shouts, reaching out to grab and pull off the figures hood. The gang freezes in horror as the mechanical creature is revealed, a double sided light saber ignites into a bright green before the slender cyborg female darts forward, slicing the Zabrak leader in half.

It did not take long before the other Gangsters were but bloody, smoking corpses on the ground. The figure turns to the frightened crowd, raising her light saber before pausing as a pair of dark clothed figures approach, one clearly a sith, pulling two Light sabers from his belt, igniting them, one being a Shoto, which he flips backwards. The other a fimiliar crimsoned haired gunslinger, drawing his blasters and motioning the people back. The hum of the blades and blasters were as distant thunder, the scene that followed the were as something from the realms of horror. the cyborg woman had begun to cackle and scream as she attacks the pair, her body moving unnaturally, bending as if she was boneless spinning her blade around slashing the area wildly. The two barely managed to dodge as she savagely attacked them, the sith keeping pace as he blocks with the longer blade, driving her back with his shoto. After a few dozen stab, blaster and scorch wounds as well as a missing arm the cyborg seemed to slow down, giving the red haired fighter a chance to blast the saber from her hand and rush her, sliding up and drawing a strange looking dagger, spinning around her and jamming it into the base of her skull. 

The Pair look up to the camera and Xin clicks a button on his wrist, nodding as they seem to pick her up, before the feed ends. The holo feed of this assault has been sent to the various members of the Gunstar crew, their jedi allies and the members of the Sith council and their agents along with a message from Xin.

“Some of you wont care, but you need to be informed non the less, the cult has moved up their plans, this was not their target. This was an assassin sent to assault the Gunstar crew, whom i am allied with. I had the feeling this threat was not being taken seriously, while Zakul and their holdings are still a priority, we cannot allow these bastards to cause havoc unchecked.” The image paces slightly “Records show that before this woman became this, she was a promising jedi knight, sent on peaceful missions of diplomacy, securing funds for the fight against Zakul. And how do i know her target you are likely wondering, in the feed it showed that i jammed something in her skull, it was a modified data spike i developed to hack into cyborgs, handy tool nowadays.” he brings it up on the feed “Mission statements, as well as what drove her mad, a specific frequency was forcibly played in her ear on a loop, this sound wave is targeted towards the aggression-centers of the brain. Once she was in battle, it triggered, sending her into a frenzy, now imagine ten of her, in a spaceport like this, cleaving down civis, soldiers, or acolytes. This is no longer just about my Brother, or about their master who has a hard one on for my bloodline, this is a threat to the galaxy if we ignore it.” he centers himself, calming down “Attached to this is a set or cords for the planet Mannan, the planet is known for having several deep sea labs performing countless experiments for a countless number of companies and shell companies, i tracked one such shell to a specific lab tied to the cults spending. “

“You now have the information necessary to do something about this potential crisis, what you do with it is up to you, action or inaction, the choice is yours.”

Xin ends the transmission, sending the information along before looking in his mirror, unzipping his uniform and looking over the bruising on his neck, giving a small smirk “Force help whoever really pisses that one off, at least i tested the idea I’m important enough not to snap my neck, if that’s the case i can endure lectures for eight year old’s.” he shrugs, giving his neck a roll to loosen up as he sits in his cockpit. “Tensions between them are thick as the ship itself, i can understand Gen’s anger at me for not siding with him, it takes all i have not to kill the smug prick myself, but for now hes a meathead we know can cleave lines through enemies, and that’s what we need against Zakul.” He reaches down to his side panel, pulling out a bottle of booze Jackie had gifted him, popping the cork and taking a short pull from the whisky. He groans and wipes his lips of the golden liquid, looking to the endless holo screens around him, smirking at one in particular.

“This is Mylo Caln and this is Imperial News, just in this moment staunch traditional and well respected Grand Moff Darmus Rihken, has been arrested today on charges of treason! Reports say a leak allowed imperial intelligence to crack the case they had been secretly working on for years, his entire career was filled with sedition, bribery, murders and even the framing of several honest and loyal soldiers serving our glorious Empire! The moff had created his own Empire of power and wealth, even siding with Zakul in the recent fighting, delaying his forces to allow ours to fail! The person responsible for this is still unknown however we did receive an image that was apparently burned into the Moffs front door!

The image upon the screen….a Raven in flight.

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