"Hello, Rann."


Rann looked up at the Warden towering over her as she ate a conjured muffin. Doradrassil held in her hands the tightly-wrapped spell tome Rann had entrusted to her while Rann had gone to visit Karabor upon her arrival. "Hey, Doradrassil. Thanks for taking care of that. Can we talk?"


"Of course." Doradrassil set the book down on the table next to Rann and stood waiting.


"That book…how much do you know about it?"


Doradrassil's eyes narrowed as she stared at it. "I know it originated from the woman whose name you don't say. That blasted warlock. Did you ever resolve the situation? I assume not, considering you still carry her book."


"Right," Rann said. "She's still at large, you might say. I was wondering if…"


Rann stopped short at the sight of Doradrassil's smile.


"If I might 'take care' of the problem for you?" the night elf finished.


Rann chuckled nervously. "Idella tells me the more magical the things used against her, the greater her chance of countering them."


Doradrassil nodded. "So, someone who is an expert at dispatching enemies without the use of magic, indeed hunting down reckless magic use…"


"…would be absolutely ideal," Rann said. "Do you think you could help?"


"Honestly I'm shocked you didn't come to see me sooner," Doradrassil answered without a moment's hesitation. "This is essentially what my order was founded for. She could trigger a Burning Legion invasion if she gets in too deep…and I know her kind. They always get in too deep. You want me to continue holding onto this, then?"


"If you wouldn't mind," Rann replied.


"Don't worry," Doradrassil said, taking up the tome again and tucking it carefully under her arm. "I'll speak to others of my order. You've called…and the Wardens will answer."

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