"You dere! Dis Highmaul territory!"


Rann allowed herself a brief smirk before feigning her surprise. Leaping to her feet from inside her small tent that bore the colors of the Kirin Tor, she laid wide eyes on the ogre magister fast approaching from the road east of Highmaul.


Arcane runes swirled about his feet as a bolt sailed toward her. She dodged to the side, flinging a spear of ice in his direction, but missing. She dashed away, teleporting a short distance, and hid as silently as she could behind a tree, raising a hand into the air.


A hand reached down from the shadows higher up and grasped hers, lifting her upwards. Rann and Doradrassil held their breaths, watching the ogre give chase. On another branch nearby, Kageseji nodded a greeting. The Warden gave Rann a silent look that seemed to say, "This better work." No one spoke.


The ogre rounded the tree and kept searching onward before finally giving up. "Puny mage gone," he said, relatively quietly. "Now we see what she leave behind!"


Rann smiled. The ogre leisurely trundled his way back to the Kirin Tor tent. Rann craned her head to see between the branches. Nearly fifty yards away, the ogre ripped the tent off its poles, exposing the small carpet and a few decoy items within. A relatively worthless wand lay out on the carpet, and a book.


"Come on, you witless oaf," Rann muttered, earning a soft "shh" from the Warden.


The ogre reached down and grasped the gruesome-looking tome with its flesh binding, and turned it over in his hands. Perhaps he'd never seen a book like this before. Warlocks were still a new kind of magic on Draenor. This time it was Doradrassil who exchanged a look with Rann, a twinkle in her eye. Rann felt the Warden's grip tighten around her waist and saw her other hand reach for Kage as well… She was ready to run, just in case.


Just then, she felt her heart catch in her chest as the ogre, in his pure intellectual curiosity, opened the book.

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