Another restless night..even on this world…no..especially on this world…the dead are crying out. I took a stroll around the fort, joining the night crews for the evening, figured i cold be of use while i was not sleeping. Suppose i have always been this way, never wanting to waste time, never taking much time for myself or another, always working or fighting, but when i attempted to take a vacation, there was nothing to distract me from my birthright..the call of the spirits. 

The fort is both in a good position and completely vulnerable for the same reason, the cliff. If this “Death god” the large men spoke of exists, he could force us to the edge, and i for one cannot fly. I will bring alternatives to the Justicar when i am able, for now i will commune with the spirits since they seem so talkative.

I have often forgotten the weight of my peoples charge, I have read in the details of the fallen, broken draenor called outland, my kind went mad, devolving into the very magic we are held to fight against. The great Exarch the maddest of them all, i am beginning to see why. As a Shaman my charge over the souls of the fallen has not wavered, more over it has been thrust upon me stronger, i only hope my new allies will be able to keep me sane, and perhaps i shall finally get some sleep.

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