Ambrosine raised an eyebrow when Imke walked into her office. “Didn’t I tell you to knock like a normal person? I know you have a key but, come on.”

“Look, I listen first. Last thing I want t’do is walk in on your an’ Jes fuckin’.” The young engineer claimed the chair on the other side of Ambrosine’s desk. “So, hi.”

Ambrosine rubbed her forehead. “I’m neck deep in wedding planning, Imke. How can I help you?”

“Ugh, weddings.”

“Don’t let Lance hear you say that.”

Imke blanched, a fine trick for a woman as pale as she was. She almost rivaled Ambrosine in paleness. “Why would he–oh no. He’s totally a nice-nice fuckin’ traditionalist like you in that regard, probably. Fuck. This is–look. Doan scare me off my relationships like that. I like this one.”

Ambrosine smirked. “Even Jim got married, and he’s a classic curmudgeon. I think you’d survive if it ever came to that. But no, seriously, Imke. What do you want?”

“…did you know that when Jim was ribbin’ me on my gear, Lance was agreein’ with him? I was BETRAYED. I mean, it was awfully ballsy of ‘im to be talkin’ shit about me switchin’ to a sword when HE uses one.”

“His armor is also heavier than yours.”

Imke blustered. “I use the same magitech armor you do! The same design!”

“Except lighter,” Ambrosine drawled. “Because you, my dear, are a slender little thing. And I…am not. I watched you and Jim make the modifications, and even though half the stuff you said was gibberish, I know they’re not the same. But Imke. Seriously. _What do you need_.”

“Are you gonna tell the rest of the guild you’re gettin’ married?”

Ambrosine sighed. “It’s a tiny family wedding. I’m sure it’ll come up in conversation but we’re not exactly doing banns here, no.”

Imke, who was after all an Ames herself and therefore family, put on a great show of mock shock and pressed her palm to her chest. “An’ you’re not invitin’ the whole guild? Wow. Rude!”

“I don’t feel like giving my wife-to-be an anxiety attack, no,” Ambrosine said dryly. “Imke. You’re just being an ass, now. What. Do. You. Want.”

“Here’s your latest delivery if Secret Whispers Listenin’ Devices!” Imke pulled the small pouch from her belt and placed it on Ambrosine’s desk. “Okay, there we go! Bye!” And with that, the engineer got up and walked out.

“I’M GOING TO HAVE INGRIDR PRANK YOU FOR THIS,” Ambrosine shouted after her. And then slumped in her chair and laughed softly. “And this is the family I choose for myself. Well, alright.”

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