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“Here…give me the water skin and what’s left of the package, and you fix the tent.” She stood up with her bowl, “your bowl too.” She added and walked in the direction of the crackling fire, she slowed as she neared it able to feel its heat and hear its presence. She knelt before it and waited for him to give her his bowl.

Mosur raised a brow even more unsure but how much worse could get. He brought her his bowl, the rest of the wrap and a water skin. He laid them out next to her. “There that’s all of them.. be careful of the fire, okay?”

“Goodness, just what do you take me for? Some sort of blind little child? I’ll have you know, I’m blind little adult. For Light’s sake, you old geezer..”

His face winced once more, she enjoyed calling him that far too much. “Fine then.. I’m going to go fix your mess.”

“And I yours, go on I’ve got this.” Was her quick retort.

Stubborn little goat, he thought as he turned to the tent. He took it down but left it laid out, it was almost right, aside from it being inside out and what not. He turned the poles facing it toward the fire, for his own sake it didn’t need to be but if he was going to redo it might as well have it a little closer. He reskinned the poles and made sure it was even, he also decided to lay out the bedrolls since resetting the tent hadn’t taken too long.

“About done?” He asked moving over to sit around the fire with her.

“Nearly.” She commented. She had stirred both the bowls together and added some water. She smelled some of the ingredients that had been left over rubbing them between thumb and forefinger. She nodded to herself and added amounts of each stirring.

Mosur watched a moment raising his brow then bent his head to work with a trinket as he waited.

“Done.” She spoke up finally and had already redivided the meal back out. She held the bowl out toward him and he took a moment to put up a few small tools and zipped up a small leather case.

“What’s that?” She asked, her ears catching the sound. She knew he was fiddling with something but she had been more concerned with dinner at that time rather than whatever he was doing. She waited for his answer with the bowl still held out.

“Eh, nothing, just messing with a hobby.” Was all he responded at the moment. He took the bowl in hand and stirred it once. He glanced down at it and took a bite. Mosur had assumed it wouldn’t be much better but found himself pleasantly surprised.”Hey,” he started before he had finished swallowing and had to pause to swallow, “this is really good.”

The grin she had on her face only grew more smug at his praise and she dug into her own bowl without another word.

He quickly finished the meal and set the bowl aside. “Think you’re ready for bed?” He asked stretching his arms up and rolling his shoulders back a little , “I think I about am.”

“I guess.” She said brushing her lap off and setting her bowl aside.

“I’ll clean this up, go ahead and pick out which bed roll you want hum?” Mosur nodded and watched her stand and head on off to the tent. He took the bowls and used the water skin to clean them out and packed everything away. Settling the fire he lifted the packs and carried them into the tent setting them at the entrance and closing the front of the tent up.

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