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Mosur had cleaned up the food and settled the fire sending Saas on to the tent to pick out which bed roll she thought was more comfortable. He carried the packs up to the tent slipping inside and setting them just inside closing the flap up for the night.

“Are you all settled?” Mosur asked Saas seeing her sitting on the bedroll on the left. Dinner had been saved and now they sat in a satisfactory tent.

The zipper on the toolkit caught her ears again after he sat. “Now what’s that?” She said leaning toward the older man.

“Hum? Oh, this?” He asked as though she would look at what he was holding and answer him. After a moment he continued. “Oh it is a..well a toolkit, just working know what? I think it is done.” He commented looking once more over the item he had been working on, actually for a little while now.

“Here, hold out your hand, this is for you.” He waited till she held out both of her hands, looking at the question and possible suspicion on her face.

Saas felt the cool metal lay against her skin and his presence drop away as the weight rested full in her hand. Her fingers closed over what he’s handed her, it was a circle of metal with three clockwise spirals twisting toward the center. A snake chain necklace was connected to top of the crafted trinket.

“What’s this?” She asked softly and glanced up at him

“Um? It is just…It’s a thank you. It has been a nice trip so far, I’ve enjoyed the company.” He nodded his head and smiled looking down at her face as she turned it down once more to face her hands. “I mentioned it was a hobby, think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.” He nodded with a smile.

“I like it.” She said suddenly. Her thumb still tracing over the pendent. A smile pulled at the corner of her mouth. “It feel nice.”

He nodded again smiling at her statement. “It’s made from some of the ghost iron from around here, a white appearance, like silver but it doesn’t sparkle or shine as much. It is a more..base color, but it still looks least I think so.”

“It’s perfect.” She said cutting off his babbling and slipped it around her neck. The pendent had been carved in such a way that there was no front or back both sides were smoothed and rounded so it could be worn whichever way she wanted, or whichever way she put it on.

“There, yeah, looks good on you.” He smiled a little. “Oof!” Mosur exclaimed as the woman thrust herself against his chest and wrapped her arms about his neck. “Thank you Mosur.” She smiled again squeezing his neck once before retreating back to her bed roll.

The shaman sat there with a smile playing over his face. He laid back on his bed roll head opposite hers in the tent. The pair spoke on and off about many things, a light conversation.

“So you make lots of jewelry then?” Saas asked but didn’t let him answer before following up with her next question. “What was your best, favorite creation?” She sat up resting her head on hand and her elbow on the bedroll.

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