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"Dah Drakkari be dah one dat will take part ah deh loa’s trials, proving worthy dat him hear dah words and requests ah him. Proovin’ ‘er strength ta not one but t’ree ah deh great Primal loa ‘er will be deh sacrifice ta deh death loa. Ah offerin ta him, one dat bested dah trials ah deh Primals, dat ‘er spirit might serve ‘im in dah ‘ereafta. Dat is w’ere dis docta will be needin’ ya ‘elp."

He paused gauging their reactions. “Already dis Papa be done speaked ta dah spirits, him know w’at will need ta be done. ‘Er body ta be whole on deh loa’s altar. Dese herbs,” Papa produced a thick wrap of herbs, “need ta be fed ta ‘er in ‘er food, ‘er drink, in anyt’ing dat her will consume. Papa need ta ask dat der be ah feast, ah celebration deh night ah her completin’ deh trial fa Eraka no Kimbul, a celebration. Clean ‘er an dress ‘er in fine wraps fit fa ah slave woman. Dis is ‘ow dah loa want it. Den her will be presented ta ‘im and fa ya ‘elp surely dah loa will smile upon ya tribe.”

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