Darkness envelops the room as the Sith meditates, the darkside coursing through his veins, holocrons floating around him. The smell of blood permeates the room as four bodies lie around him, garbs of brown and white, foolish and dedicated. Their blood slowly crawls towards him, his hands forming a circle as the blood begins to rise, forming a sphere with the force. He opens his eyes, his normally yellow eyes turn a deep purple, as the blood flows into the relic before him, filling the vial in the center. He reaches out as the blood slips into the artifact, his eyes glowing bright as he peers into the force, seeking answers.


Huddeld masses crowding around the form of a man, arms and legs locked down on a table as his new limbs are forcefully implanted, tubes and wires stretching across his body. Pain, blood, and boiling rage permeates the strange room as the minions scamper about, bringing armour and parts. The doctor reveals himself to the now dead, his face long and fish-like as he takes from them a pair of old Vibroswords, nodding as he sets them on another table, the other servent presenting a pair of twin lightsabers, teeming with dark-side energy. A figure steps from the shadows, the skull apon his head looking fresh and still bleeding as he wore it “Go…and kill his allies, the Gunstar crew, this Sith alliance, and of them kill first… Lord Averous, he knows our prize best among them.” the figure turns and looks to the blades “After all, without our prize, he would have never gotten where he is now…” he cackles with thunderous effect, lighting surging from his body, shaking the entire room. “Now, Your next target will be…” the man stops, looking to the man at the table “Actually, the five of you will be enough, it will take all of you..” he nods before the vision fades. 


As his sight returns he hears the clicking of the boots behind him, the fifth assassin approaches with lightsaber drawn, ready to strike as his prey was distracted. In an instant, the assassin drops his blade, falling to the group as a hole is burned into his back, Averous turns sharply, drawing his blades before bowing his head. “I am sorry my Master, i should have-“

“Enough, no need to cry over it now,  tell me, what have you seen…”

silence fills the room as the figure steps into the light.

“Where is my Brother?”

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