Doradrassil was secretly grateful for the awkward silence between the Templars and the Wardens that had arisen with the escalation of tensions during the confrontation with the Warden in Arak. The silence gave the operative time to quietly review what had transpired and glean more information that might have been missed in the heat of the moment.

She closed her eyes as they walked. Had she missed anything? Herbs lay on the table, necessary ones for the various explosives Featherlance had assembled, including the one used during the attack on Kageseji. She recognized most. Native to Teldrassil, and growing naturally in few other places, if any. A small, plain box of homemade teabags, a small comfort from home, the contents the same color as the herbs around the table. Featherlance had mentioned trading the explosives for rations and supplies; maybe the tea was among them.

On the other side of the room, a pack lay against the wall where sat other supplies: fruits and canteens of clean water, along with spare weapons including a supply of daggers, and some limited cooking supplies: a small cup to cook meager amounts of soup in, and a spoon.

She shook her head and took in a deep breath of the fresh, clean air of Talador’s bright forests, unable to decide whether she was missing something that stared her in the face, or scraping the bottom of an empty barrel in the vain hope for more information.

That was when it hit her, all at once. She drew in a gasp, quietly. The Templars didn’t hear, but Naevis’ head immediately turned her way.

All the food and food-related supplies lay with that pack. So what was the tea doing on the table with the foul herbs, and with their colors in the teabags?

The danger wasn’t past, and Doradrassil now had serious doubts about whether Fearherlance was clean. Who to send? Someone had to warn the people of the garrison, and she couldn’t risk exposing the scheme publicly over the guildstone. Someone would have to go.

Aertemis? They would need her against the kidnapper. Naevis? Same. Zen? Tempting, but Koryander likely would think Dora was just looking for an excuse to get rid of him. She’d be partly right, too. The same would go for asking Koryander herself to return. They would settle their differences later, but for now…

Doradrassil turned around, her cape swinging about as she locked eyes on the Marshal. "Emberstone," she said, with a gesture of her head asking Koryander to come near.

When Koryander was in whispering distance, Doradrassil muttered to her, "I’ve realized we missed something. Tea. The tea was poisoned. The garrison needs to know, and now that we’ve interrogated her, that attack will come soon indeed. Can’t risk exposing it over the guildstone. Might give the perpetrator a clue that we’re on their scent. We need to send somebody. My suggestion: send Robin to warn them. Any who drink the garrison’s tea could be in danger."

She looked meaningfully at the marshal, waiting for a response.

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