So tired. Bone tired. Soul tired. Light forgive her but she was so so tired.

Seella smiled gently at the patients she was currently tending, giving encouraging words as she channeled Light to ease their injuries and pain. Her voice rose in quiet song for some, the thankful, grateful looks they gave her in return helping to push back the tiredness for a while. But it always came back.

So tired.

The children, Light bless them, were safe. She didn’t know who kept the little ones protected during the attack, but there was no way she’d ever be able to pay them back, express her undying gratitude for keeping her children, her anchors to the world, from harm. They clung to her tightly at night before bed as they had done after she told them about their father. She sang herself almost hoarse every night, singing them to sleep and singing while they slept, keeping the nightmares at bay so their young minds wouldn’t bear any more scars.

So tired.

Sleep for herself brought no rest. The dreams were always the same. Ace – her love, her Light, – walking towards her with that smile given to her alone, reaching for her. Then the consuming golden Light falling upon him, taking him away from this life. From her.

So tired.

Her gentle smile bloomed again as she walked to the next bed, the next patient. Someday, she’d be able to rest, to be with her beloved again. Today was not that day. “It is good to see you are doing better. You would like me to sing for you again, yes?” At the woman’s nod, her voice rose once more, bringing peace and rest to those around her.

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