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Two and a half hours. Was that long enough? It was taken down before it was seen by most. He knew there was a note but he wasn’t told what was written on it. Who had been in the Keep with him? Zaanthe, Koryander, several individuals not in the Templars… No, none of those individuals would belong to Sielic, none of them would have had anything to do with the note. The traitors had to be individuals within the Rose or it wouldn’t make as much of an impact.

Koryander was too straight-laced and devoted to Maewood. If Zaanthe were one of the traitors Sielic wouldn’t have kept it a secret, he didn’t think, not to mention the Vindicator was too uptight for something like that. Everyone else had been with Maewood; but the note had been found by the old man, Acele. Did everyone else in her group see it? Who would know what it said and who would share that information? Would word get around? Honestly, if Maewood was smart it would not, but there weren’t many who shared her strategies. The loose-lipped masses might have to be relied on here. If the note had appeared at the end of the trial, it would have been seen by many more. Maewood would have still been in the war room and several ‘Pawns’ would have been able to see it before it was snatched away. Mosur would have to wait and see what decisions had been made over the late night meeting Maewood had held. If this didn’t work there were always other days.

Perhaps he could ask Little Pup if she had heard about it yet, he needed to take her down to the beach anyway. There was no pause in his step, no stop for consideration on where she might be found. It seemed she only knew one thing; his only wonder was which dummy would she be chopping on today.

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