There is nothing anymore, my home is empty and quiet, i look to his room, i cannot enter, i set his leg and arm into a device. It scans them again and again, trace elements of metals, some from the building, some from something else, indeterminable with my equipment, the jacket is no different. Everything before me tells me the one thing i can hope for, my brother is dead, but something…something is wrong. I take a selection of explosives, setting them against test walls, test bodies, a group of Bleeders no one will miss. Bits…chunks left, only the prototype explosives i have could cause these specific injuries, they aren’t out on the market, my own design. He used standard issue charges, detination cord and wireless transceiver connected to several layers of floor, around the cage, and into his own face. These cannot atomize, these cannot reduce someone to nothing, or leave an entire jacket a hand and a leg, without the rest of the body still somewhere. 

I mull over the ideas, none of them good, either they haven’t found the rest of him yet, have and haven’t reported it, or someone…for some unfathomable reason..stole what was left of him. I lean out on my balcony, my camera feed showing the crews children alive and safe, for now, the hot shot might lose his legs, Nugget lost an arm, Lord Sloan lost her mind and most of her bits, she got the worst injuries and still lived, and my brother wasn’t far from her. The chance he could be alive has to remain within my own mind, and hers, why does she vex me, why do i care, why do i long to see her Brown hair and stern eyes, her brief, genuine smile. 

A holo call comes through, stand in the center of the visual is a young woman, hair shaggy and curly, eyes matching his, a soft sorrowful look on her face as she looks up at him. “I am sorry Father…” He holds up his hand, nodding “Tell you master that he might have returned, tell him Belsavis is calling.” She lowers her head, nodding. “Is there anything else you wish to say, Father?” He closes his eyes, looking up at the spitting image of himself, but a teenage girl. “The shadows have comforted me too long, the Moontear must rise again, i will be visiting soon, we have much to plan..Anyea.” He looks up at her, a face she had not seen since childhood, his stance, his posture, the cold aura around him, She smiles, a smile befitting her sith ancestors “Welcome back…Father….for the Empire..” She closes the channel with a bow.

I look out into the cold and lonely cityworld, from this pool of filth we crawled, no man, woman, sith, jedi, machine or even death could keep us from our freedom. I look to the still image of the crew gathered, happy and whole, i close it, the illusion has taken its course. I stare out into the unforgiving streets, sending a single message out “The Trumpets sound, the Harbingers call.” This galaxy has in one way or another stolen from me again, it stole my parents, it stole my wife, it stole my child, and now, it has stolen my brother. I tug at the red cloth, pulling it over my head as a hood, up across my mouth to hide my scar.

No Xin, no Drex, All that is left now is…..Conquest.

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