I have seen a spark in my night. 

Somone *understands*.

I still think I have been very selfish. I haven’t tried hard enough to listen to the Justicar or my other friends, and it’s been so hard leaving the inn, or leaving my room. But they…I didn’t think they could understand. They must have been trying, and I wanted to try and tell them, but the words were very hard, impossible even. I didn’t want to remember the Pit and I didn’t want them to have to know the reality of it.

But Koryander has been there as well.

She is so warm and wonderful, and she knows. I didn’t have to explain, although I wept and babbled a lot. She understood it all. I am not alone in this. I know have not been before but now…I do not feel as lost. I sorrow with her, because she is good and she should not have had to suffer. And yet she is strong enough to survive, so maybe I am as well. I think I will rest a little easier tonight, and try harder tomorrow.

I am not useless.

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