A large raven flies into the Templar office, setting dropping a file on the Justicar’s desk, the file is sealed in wax, and O’Riely crest visible in the wax, a Raven with outstretched wings, a pistol in one talon and a rose in the other. The bird swoops out once the delivery is made, awaiting to be read by Ari. 

“Case number 493 Code name : Soft shadows.

This investigation has been in and out of my hands during its time, while i returned to mine for some time i have made little headway in the investigation given the sensitive nature of the crime. A single elvish paladin was killed during the events of the Tannan invasion, Most likely suspect is a Night-elf assailant, this complicates things given the peace between the factions is more in theory than in practice. While the death of this individual is unfortunate, there are larger plays at hand, i believe this was an attack on the mother of the victim, indirect but effective, the assailant likely fed some lies about her activities and struck out for a justice they were lead to believe. The profile on the mastermind is loose to say the least, still waiting on a full report on the autopsy done by Templar member and Guardian ally Zen, as well as any evidence gathered by the Templars of the Rose. In the efforts of a joint investigation i will disclose what i know so far, and hope to shed some light on something. 

The organizer of the attacks on Sage and her children are part of some larger plot to make them suffer, the forceful transformation into a worgen was but one of many, a note detailing the plans and motives, while some parts were missing told me at least this. The Unsub is more than likely female, or writes with a feminine hand, or had a female scribe dictate the message, their content for shadowsong family seems driven, and fueld by envy and vengeance, Anyone who lives as long as they do are bound to make enemies along the way, and their people are known for schemes and plots, thought out several steps ahead. 

As far as the attacker we are presently looking for i await correspondence on your end, whatever information you have could be vital, but i will give you as much time as you need. When you have need of me, simply light a candle in a dark room and recite. : Shadows gather.  And i shall come.

Signed, Special Agent Andrew O’Riely 

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