Seella walked quietly through the Cathedral, working her way over to the elves and the Gilneans who’d made it through the portal. Despair and pain tried to lodge themselves in her heart at the sight of all of the injured, dying, and dead. They will need you to be strong for them. The compassion in your heart will give them the strength to either continue on or let go to join the Light. The words of O’ros given to her during her training chimed through her memory. Closing her eyes, she stilled her mind and reached for the Light within her. It flowed up, pushing the negative emotions aside, flowing through and filling her heart and soul. She opened her eyes, lighting the area around her with their glow as she moved to the place where the most severely injured were placed. Immediately she knew most of them wouldn’t survive the night, even with the best of care.

Kneeling down, she took the hand of a female in one of her own, causing the Kal’dorei to weakly turn her head towards the Draenei. “Do not … waste … your time … on me.” The woman’s voice was barely audible coming from a scorched throat and lungs. “Save … the … others.” Seella smiled gently at the other woman and reached over with her free hand to carefully move a strand of what remained of the Kal’dorei’s fire-savaged emerald hair from her brow. “I will be helping them soon.” Her hand returned to join her other in holding the woman’s. “I am not knowing the language of your people, but if you do not mind, I will sing to your Elune in mine.” The Kal’dorei’s pain ravaged face relaxed. “I would like that.”

Closing her eyes again, Seella lifted her face towards the ceiling, and began singing a song of peace and homecoming, of eternal sleep and dreaming. Her silvery voice flowed like a delicate stream through ancient forests, smooth and soothing to those that heard it. The Kal’dorei’s voice joined hers, the sound weak and faltering, but still filled with hope and devotion. Despite the differences in race, in words, the melody ascended and cascaded, weaving together to build something new. The woman’s voice grew fainter, drifting away as Seella’s finished the final chorus. Opening her eyes, the Draenei saw a wisp emerging from the Kal’dorei, pausing long enough to lightly touch Seella’s head in something of a benediction before sailing off return to the land. Seella rose, placing the woman’s hand across her breast. “Elune-Adore,” she whispered before moving to the next injured elf.

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